Patch 10.2.0

29 November 2017 (05:47) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 10.2.0 (Friday December 1st)

Lord Rituals are instanced arena fights against 1 of 5 different Lords. There are 2 optional alters, one for guilds, and one for freelancers "a single player". Every 23 hours, you can do 1 Ritual for each the guild alter and the freelance alter. Ritual Lords require a minimum amount of Gold to be summoned, Guild Lords require 1kk minimum, and Freelance Lords 250k minimum. By base, these Lords will drop 10 and 2 Lord Bags. These Lord Bags can hold many different things, including stat stones, legendary upgrade stones, large stat stones, rare outfits (retro outfits) and mounts, and even some companions. Ritual Lords however can become stronger than their minimum amount. All Guild Members (or single players for the solo Lords) can sacrifice gold to continue to increase the Lord's strength. For every 100k gold added, he gains 1 Lord Bag to his loot, but he also gains 25% damage and 8% health. What this means is powerful guilds are able to create larger Lord's for more loot, and smaller guilds are able to still kill Lord's daily. Due to the nature of their loot, Lord's should be killed whenever their cooldown is up.. however, you may find a benefit to waiting for more members to be online, to fight a harder Lord, with a larger loot pool!
Each Lord has it's own unique mechanics, the Lord you are sacrificing to will be noted when you start sacrificing gold to them.

3 New Devil Wings

These 3 are just a preview, they will be even more refined before Friday
One of these (you choose) will be gifted to you for free whenever you donate 159.99
In the near future we will be adding a few new things to wings to make them a bit more unique how they handle ingame ;)

3 New Angel Wing Colors Added
Purple, Green and Orange Angel Wings have been added and are now options when you donate 159.99

ArchBot Changes
Save and Load function added
Directional Spells should now properly work and not kick players

ArchClient Changes
Emotes have been added in-game! They can be used by saying "emote(emotename)" example - "emotesmile"

New Warning Tiles for boss and special mechanics, this is much easier to see in the midst of a fight and gives a much better warning to players.
Forsaken Outfit Colors now properly apply
Magic Wall no longer displays a pillar in the sprite

Additional Patch Notes
Chat will now display your awakening level if you have awakened
Heavy Shield (other related spells are fixed, there was a duration bug)
Enflaming Enchantment has been nerfed by 34.5%
Enhanced Enflaming Enchantment has been nerfed by 32.5%
The enraging enchantment animation has been changed from turning you into a large minotaur to adding a custom enraging character effect over you for the duration
A 120s delay has been added to the spawning of Raid Bosses - This is to allow people to have 2 minutes to get to the portal before the boss fight starts
Hardcore Forsaken Dragon Boss Spell Nerfed by 25%
Water Guardian + Massive Water Guardians Health nerfed by 10%, damage nerfed by 20%
Renegade boots now give speed
Enchantment on Darksteel Bow now works properly
Awakening Experience Gained from Gathering and Crafting increased by 2000% (20x) We wanted to add experience gained from crafting/gathering to allow players to actually use this as an avenue to level, the amount it yielded was far, far, far... too low. This change will allow players to make better use of their energy for leveling as well.
Additional patch notes - Buying a house now requires level 1500 (this is to weed out people who are mcing some houses despite the high rental cost)Houses now auto clean every 10 days if a player hasn't logged in.
We have reworked White Skull, you now will lose white skull even if you are killing/hunting monsters. Due to our respawn system losing a white skull was virtually impossible in some locations. However, if someone is attacking you you will keep the skull.
Vocation Change Scrolls have gone up 550 points in price, however they now include the changing of your Rune Emblems and also 1 Weapon.
Companions now are properly working in the loot table of the quest and greater dungeon bosses. They are a 1/250 chance to drop without any looting bonuses.

House Contest #2 Winners!

26 November 2017 (22:16) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the THREE House Contest Winners for our Week 2! 
For those of you wont don't know, every 7 days (on Sundays) the CM's go around town, pick their favorite 10-15 houses, and we do a large vote on which we think the nicest house is that week! We will be doing this each and every week for November and December! This week we decided to giveaway 2 Pairs of Wings! Additionally all top 3 places receive a Blade in Stone (House Contest Winner Deco). If someone won one week, they cannot win the next week, however they can win the weeks after again! (This only applies for 1st and 2nd Place)

Congratulations to 1st place - Angel who wins his choice of Wings + Blade in Stone!

Congratulations to 2nd place - Pistaszek who wins his choice of Wings + Blade in Stone!

Congratulations also to 3rd place - Tneuqerf who wins a Blade in Stone!

Black Friday Deals!

24 November 2017 (01:35) by Gamemaster Knighter

Note: Wings will be given back on launch day every era of Archlight.
All Wings Give The User +50 Movement Speed (This goes over the players max capped movement speed) giving you a swift edge in mobility.
Any donations of 159.99 may choose either pair of wings OR a backpack of free Archlight Keys.

This promotion is LIVE now, but the wings will be received when Patch 10.1.0 is live (November 23rd 11am PST).

Housing Contest Week 2!

24 November 2017 (01:35) by Gamemaster Knighter

Housing Contest Week 2 - 2 PAIRS OF WINGS
This week's winner + 2nd place will both receive a pair of wings! 

More Houses!

22 November 2017 (21:44) by Gamemaster Knighter

New Underground Sewers to the Archlight City with over 25 new houses!

Patch 10.1.0

22 November 2017 (08:39) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Date - To Be Determined Still

Wings System
Wings added to Archlight - 2 Pairs of Wings will for sure be available on patch, but possibly more.
Wings can be attached onto any and all outfits
Wings will increase the users movement speed and possibly offer some other features, that is yet to be fully decided. But in the end, they look gangster...
Wings can be displayed by right clicking your character or by ctrl + shift + w

Class Changes
Archers, Berserkers and Guardians now gain 50 mana every 4 seconds (to address early game mana issues)
Quick Prayer global cooldown lowered to 1000 (from 1250) was 1250 by mistake.
Healing Spring buffed from 1% Health Per Tick to 3%
Other Springs (Not spec ones) have been removed to reduce clutter.
Power Scaling of Monk Summons increased by 50%.
Fighting Prayer (Brawler spell) now heals 5% of the monks max health + magic level and level factors instead of 1%.
Fan of Knives Initial Damage buffed by 13.5%
Fan of Knives Awakening Bleed buffed by 20%
Reaping and Slice and Dice buffed by 22.5%
Shiv damage + dot buffed by 5%

World Bosses Released!
They spawn in a random interval every 8-12 hours.

Restoration Skill now applies to "Tick (HOT)" Spells

New In-Game Companions
13 New Companions being added to Archlight - All obtained ingame.
4 Will be obtainable from Quest Bosses, these will all give +1 to every stat (total of 12 free stats per companion).
9 Will be obtainable from Greater Dungeon Bosses, these will all give +1% Essence Find.
All companions will be a relatively rare drop from bosses.

Guild/Guildhall Changes
GuildHalls now correctly have Premium Training Tiles (For Stamina)
Guilds can now view how much Guild Experience each player has contributed (this will be starting from when this patch occurs, we cant backtrack it unfortunatly)

Client Changes 
Better mana bar implementation (also possible for the player to disable it in options)
Ability to hide top bar (Ctrl+Shift+T)
Hotkey/Turn delay (configurable delay in options as well)
Moved up the player name a notch so for better visibility
The "Get Tibia Coins" button will now take you to our shop properly.
Offline Training Bar has been removed from Player Panel, has been replaced with an Energy Meter.
Added offsets to many of the Custom Archlight Outfits - As many of you may have noticed, the custom outfits feet were always lower south east than the other standard outfits, making them appear to almost be off on another tile (very slightly, but noticable), we have now corrected this.

ArchBot Changes
Auto Gold Converter Script Added

Crafting Changes

Cost of Gem Remover lowered from 10kk > 3kk
Cost of Ring of the Skies lowered from 1kk > 500k
@everyone The Fish Buyer NPC has been fixed to now properly buy certain high tier fish he didn't buy

Dungeon Changes
Massive Water Guardian resistances removed, weakness to energy lowered from 35% to 15%, Max health lowered by 17.5%. Water Guardian Special Attack damage lowered by 35%, resistances removed, weakness to energy lowered from 20% to 10%, max health lowered by 10%.
Lowered Swamp Braindeaths max health by 10%
Swamp Braindeath's Healing Nerfed by 50%

Fixed various small map bugs
Decoration NPC added - This NPC will sell rare and expensive decorations to show off in your house.
You will from now on gain a charge for greater dungeons every 2 hours instead of every 3 hours, and max charges has been increased from 3 to 12.
All profession tools are now buyable from Amber, Tool Merchant Removed.
Repolishing Oil and Shining Oil have been added to Alchemy.
Repolishing Oil and Shining Oil have been added to the Ingame Store.
All Daily Profession NPC's have been reskinned.


22 November 2017 (01:02) by Gamemaster Knighter

Live Tomorrow! November 22nd!

Developer Insider

20 November 2017 (08:03) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey guys! Just thought i'd take a second to give you guys a bit of an insight in what our development team is currently working on and planning to work on in the near future! Currently, we have been adding more and more things to our upcoming patch 10.0.1 notes before we release it, the reasoning for this is believe it not, making a new addon type that attaches to all outfits the same way and floats + animates while you run around playing is a difficult task, I am of course referring to adding these bad bois into the game.

We want to make sure that these are included in patch 10.0.1. So while we work on getting them properly implemented, the rest of our team is working on adding more things into the game for patch 10.0.1 in the meanwhile.
Some of these things include further class balances, improving the guild system, and adding re-polishing/shining oils to Alchemy. Our primary concern right now is improving issues with the client that have been affected small segments of the community. Tonight we were able to release what we believe to be a fix to the current crash occurrences some have experienced when logging out or dying. Additionally, we are actively looking into the Kicking Issue some players are receiving that occurs from the spell targeting, we have narrowed it down to what we believe is the directional spells, and will be releasing a new build with that fixed as soon as possible.

And finally, we want to really work on continuing to improve the guild and freelance(solo) player dynamic. We want to continue to add more guild activities, freelance player activities, and overall increase the variance on things you can do on any given day. We are very happy with how things are going in Archlight Legends. Player activity is booming, player interaction from the new guild systems and PvP-E is better than ever, and the new loot system has added an entirely new dynamic to Archlight, we want to continue making more changes and additions that follow this track record. 

Additional Upcoming Patch 10.0.1 Notes
Cost of Gem Remover lowered from 10kk > 3kk
Cost of Ring of the Skies lowered from 1kk > 500k
You will now be able to see how much experience each guild member has contributed to their guilds level.
All profession tools are now buyable from Amber, Tool Merchant Removed.
All Daily Profession NPC's have been reskinned.
World Bosses will be released. They spawn in a random interval every 8-12 hours.
Fighting Prayer (Brawler spell) now heals 5% of the monks max health + magic level and level factors instead of 1%.
Repolishing Oil and Shining Oil have been added to Alchemy.
Repolishing Oil and Shining Oil have been added to the Ingame Store.
The "Get Tibia Coins" button will now take you to our shop properly.