Limiting MC's

05 December 2016 (00:27) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hello Archlighters!

A concern that has been addressed to us lately is players feeling they are forced to MC multiple characters to energy farm. We would like to combat this and make it not a needed feature to be very competitive with others. 
Starting tomorrow (Monday), we will be limiting the amount of MC's each IP can have connected. We will be limiting the connections per ip to 8 (this is to allow for people who are doing LAN parties, etc) however you will only receive energy from the first 4 characters per IP. This means you will not get energy on any chars after the first 4 logged in per IP. We will be further looking into ways to get energy to active players. This is not a perfect fix, one never is, however it is the current best fix.

Additionally as many of you have noticed, we have been cracking down much more on botter's and abusers the past couple days, this will only continue to ramp up. We are less likely to punish you if you are in an obscure spot, but if you are afk botting in a busy spawn, we will give you 1 warning and then after that you will receive citations. We hope you guys understand we are only doing this to allow for all players to enjoy the server, not just the strongest ones clearing spawns faster than new/less played characters.

Additionally, we are going to be setting up 2 versions of every rift. One for players below prestige 1, and another for all players prestige 1 or above. When players enter the rift portal they will be automatically teleporter to their suited rift. This will help allow newer players to farm rifts as well and not be bullied by high levels clearing the spawns at a much more accelerated rate. (ETA Friday Patch)

We appreciate all the idea submissions you guys have been providing us and as you can see we are taking many of them and using them.

Upcoming Patch

03 December 2016 (02:26) by Gamemaster Knighter

As many of you noticed, we removed MC Runes from Alchemy Crafting. This is to prepare for a new feature that we will be introducing to Archlight in next Friday's Patch (December 9th). All vocations at level 500 now will receive a rune called a Soul Rune. These runes are infinite use and will have a 20s cooldown on use. They will only cause a 0.1s global cooldown, what this means is you can use it without delaying your other spells/runes. These runes may be adjusted in terms of strength with further tests before they are released. Each soul rune will be somewhat unique to their vocations role in Archlight. These runes can be upgraded just like Equipment can and will be stronger for each upgrade it receives.

Additionally, as this will ultimately lower mage lategame damage, we will be adjusting the damage of their actual wand hits, increasing it to at par allowing them to scale better early game and late game.

~Soul Runes~
Druid Rune - 
Expands from center to be size of avalanche rune, paralyzes anyone hit and deals damage
Sorcerer Rune - Deals energy damage to all targets hit and an additional small damage over time after.
Necromancer - Applies two different dot's to the target dealing extra damage over time
Guardian - Stuns the target + heals the guardian for a percentage of their max health.
Berserker - Ground slam ripples around them doing damage and paralyzing.
Archer - Attack speed buff (Starts with 7.5% attack speed increase, up 0.9% per upgrade on rune.
Monks - Stuns target for 1 second while the monk dashes 4 times around the target hitting them each time.
Bard: AOE Rune that increases the damage of all party members hit (starts at 5%, scales up 0.8% per upgrade on the rune) lasts 10 seconds.

Additional Patch Notes - More to come

show spoiler
Lever in Hardcore Hurac Fixed
Premium Voids lever fixed
Guild wars not properly ending fixed
Guild wars not properly displaying score on website fixed
Fixed multiple incorrect map tiles
Bard healing spells no longer heal wild creatures
Pair of Iron Fists now properly works for Monks
Crimson Sword now properly requires 2 hands to wield
Incantation Scroll + Glass of Goo description corrected
Mastercrafted Spellbook replaced with Mastercrafted Wand
Stamina refiller removed from token shop

Change from Euro > CAD

01 December 2016 (01:33) by Gamemaster Knighter

We have changed the currency that is checked out when you purchase Archlight Coins to CAD from Euros. This will not affect you guys in anyway other than it will display Canadian Dollars on checkout instead of Euros on checkout. It is still the exact same price for coins as previously, it only displays a different currency on checkout.The reason for this is it saves about 5% for us on the backend. Just wanted to let you guys know even though it has no real impact on you guys just so you're not confused on checkout. Thanks!

Fight For Good!

30 November 2016 (19:34) by Gamemaster Knighter

Ready to slay some bosses? How dictating how much we give to this charity?! Every boss slain this Friday the Archlight Team will give $1 to Fight for the Forgotten to allow them to do their passion and help the ones who need our help.

Prestige Patch

30 November 2016 (02:42) by Gamemaster Knighter

The costs of prestige 1 and 2 have been lowered substantially (60-70% reduction). The new cost of these prestiges is listed below:

Prestige 1 -
5 Rift Shards
15 Mining/Farming/Fishing Shards
8 Golden Nuggets
8 Dungeon Medals

Prestige 2 -
7 Rift Shards
30 Mining/Farming/Fishing Shards
15 Golden Nuggets
15 Dungeon Medals

The Yield of farming crops has been further increased by another 30%.

Wikipedia Giveaway!

29 November 2016 (04:42) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the 5 winners, and thank you for your contributions to our Wikipedia page! Everyone remember you have 14 days until the next giveaway to win free points, promotion tokens and exp boosters by contributing to our Wikipedia page! To contribute go to the page, register and get approved to make edits and start getting chances to win points!

1. Xinra - Promotion Token + pack of 5 - 100% experience boosters + 520 points
2. Sajgon - Pack of 5 - 100% experience boosters + 520 points
3. Jorgie - 520 points
4. Timu - 520 points
5. Fisting - 520 points

Patch Notes

29 November 2016 (03:10) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes - Wednesday (November 30th)

Stat Stone Changes

Increasing the droprate of stat stones from dungeons from 5%-9%
Increasing droprate of stat stones from hardcore dungeon s from 10% to 17.5%
Increasing the scaling of stats Haste, Strength, Arcane, Restoration, Runemastery from 0.7% - 1% per stone

Class Changes
Death's Touch will be removed.
Reaper's Touch is now 12.5% stronger.
Min Flurry of Punches damage lowered by 20%.

Crafting Changes
Increasing the amount of vegetables harvested from farming by 65%

Convenience Changes
Fast Travel will now have the option for players to teleport infront of the New Player Equipment Quest Portals. This should help new players find where they need to go for their progression gear.
Able to walk through your own summons (Necromancers and Monks)
No longer able to switch back to your outfit in TDM and CTF events by going lich form or cat/bear/merlkin form.
Lord of the Elements is no longer immune to holy.

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28 November 2016 (18:31) by Gamemaster Knighter

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