Launch Hype In Discord!

23 November 2016 (21:11) by Gamemaster Knighter

Come join in on our Launch Hype for Friday in our Discord Channel! Simply click the link <<< to join!

500 Characters Created

23 November 2016 (07:19) by Gamemaster Knighter

500 Characters have already been created 3 days before launch! Get your red bulls + mountain dew ready for a hell of a launch!

P.S. Launch party in the discord channel with Knighter once servers up!

Vocation Balance Notes

23 November 2016 (02:21) by Gamemaster Knighter

Here is a rough list (very rough, as he edited almost every spell on archlight) of the balances we made to the following classes.

We have set up a very strenuous testing center for multiple staff and tutors to run each through vocation, in multiple stages (weak gear, low level, high level, strong gear, pre specialization, post specialization) through a series of tests to accurately measure their explosiveness, overall damage per second and sustain per second. Based off dozens and dozens of hours of testing, these are the balances that have been made. More balance work will continue and be more actively monitored and tested. These are the changes that have been made.

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Berserker late game DPS lowered by 27%
Berserker early game DPS slightly buffed.
Monk late game DPS lowered by 62%
Guardians white damage (melee attack damage) Increased by 110%.
Necro late game DPS lowered by 31%
Archers health per level changed from 10 > 15
Archers mana per level changed from 15 > 10
Lifesteal lowered by 32.5% to match the increase in Archers healing
Archer Ammo now specific to Archer (mages etc can no longer use a grasping roots ammo to abuse having 2 grasping root enchants)
Grasping roots stun duration reduced by 40%

Discord Coins Giveaway!

23 November 2016 (01:26) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey Archlighters! As mentioned, from November 23rd - November 30th we will be giving away 500 Coins a day for a total of 3500 Coins over the week!

The way this will work is, 2 times throughout the day (one time around 10-11am PST) (second time around 3-6pm PST) I will do a rollcall to active people, everyone active in the discord will be added to a random generator which I will gif for the people viewing. One person will be randomly selected and automatically receive 100 coins. Additionally, they will be asked a knowledge question about Archlight. If they get this question correct within 60 seconds, they will get a bonus 150 coins to total 250 coins! If they get it wrong they will still receive the 100 coins.

May the odds be in your favor!


Winter Update Teaser #5

22 November 2016 (02:57) by Gamemaster Knighter

Mount and Addon Health/Mana Bonus Change

We have redone the bonuses from collecting addons and mounts to be a percentage based system instead of a flat amount (IE 1% bonus instead of +70 health bonus). The reason for this is to accompany the scaling of players. From now on every addon a player collects will give them +0.5% health and mana alternating for each addon you earn (the first will give you health, second mana, third health, etc).

This will be the same with mounts you collect. The more mounts and addons you collect the bigger the health and mana bonus you will receive! So get collecting!

Winter Update Teaser #4

22 November 2016 (00:38) by Gamemaster Knighter

artwork by:
Fishing Set Added Ingame!
Want to hone your art of fishing? Focus on relaxing ocean side pulling in 200oz Marlin and cashing in big at the docks? Well look no further! The fishing tailor has arrived and is happy to create you fishing outfits, for a price of course..

+8 Fishing Skill while worn

+8 Fishing Skill while worn

+8 Fishing Skill while worn

This full set can combine to give you an additional +24 fishing skill to not only expand the amount of fish you can catch or the frequency, but also the weight of those fish leading to a higher yield when selling them!

Winter Update Teaser #3

21 November 2016 (01:16) by Gamemaster Knighter

Something that has become increasingly important to the development team of Archlight Online is to increase the fun factor of PvP. We want it to feel Dynamic, Interesting, Unique and Circumstantial. Along with other past changes, and future changes, dynamic fights is key. We have added a new Elixir System to Archlight. Elixirs will add another level of dynamic to PvP fights in terms of resources and cooldown allocation on the large elixirs. Elixirs can be crafted through alchemy using materials from farming. The seeds needed for the farming can be earned from dungeon boxes. You have a chance to get double the amount of seeds from hardcore dungeons. These elixirs come in 5 different Tiers. Health Elixirs having Tiers 1,2,3,4 and 5. Mana Elixirs having Tiers 1,3,4 and 5. Spirit Elixirs having Tiers 4 and 5.
Unlike the starting rune, the 500 quest rune, and the seven trials rune, these elixirs are consumed on use and not infinite.

We feel this new system and additional form of healing will add a more value/reward aspect to Archlight. Additionally also another aspect of survivability and timing when judging other creatures/players spell use and when to pop an ultimate Elixir. Will you use these potions to attempt to hunt slightly harder creatures at the cost of using them? Will you carry just some incase of another player fighting you to stand your ground? Will you make sure the team you are leading on the first Seven Trials quest is fully stocked with elixirs? When will you pop the 30 second cooldown elixir?

Full List of Potions and the amount they heal below

This potion will heal the user for 830 to 970 health.

This potion will heal you for 1440 to 1630 health.

This potion will heal you for 2240 to 3080 health.

This potion will heal you for 4830 to 6270 health.

This potion will heal you for 21000 to 25000 health. This Potion has a 30 second cooldown.

This potion will heal you for 350 to 560 mana.

This potion will heal you for 1010 to 1420 mana.

This potion will heal you for 2730 to 3470 mana.

This potion will heal you for 17000 to 22000 mana. This Potion has a 30 second cooldown

This potion will heal you for 2050 to 2370 health and 980 to 1150 mana.

This potion will heal you for 14000 to 16500 health and 7000 to 9500 mana. This Potion has a 30 second cooldown.

Winter Update Teaser #2

19 November 2016 (02:22) by Gamemaster Knighter

Shop Changes
Something that has been addressed to us more and more recently, is that players feel discouraged from donating/supporting in small amounts due to how little they would receive for small amounts multiple times vs 1 large amount. For example donating 20 euros 4 times would net you almost half the amount of coins and also no promotion token (a free bonus that is easily valued at 25-30 euros). To change this we have now changed the scaling of coin donations entirely for the better. Below is the amount of coins you would receive before and after our changes:

5 Euros - 110 Archlight Coins
10 Euros - 260 Archlight Coins
20 Euros - 570 Archlight Coins
40 Euros - 1280 Archlight Coins
80 Euros - 3150 Archlight Coins
160 Euros - 7250 Archlight Coins

4.99 Euros - 185 Archlight Coins
9.99 Euros - 390 Archlight Coins
19.99 Euros - 820 Archlight Coins
39.99 Euros - 1710 Archlight Coins
79.99 Euros - 3560 Archlight Coins
159.99 Euros - 7420 Archlight Coins

Additionally, promotion tokens became a hot topic for us as well with this rework. We have decided to rework promotion tokens and the promotion token shop to have an altered price and value to promotion tokens. From now on, you will receive 1 promotion token for EVERY 19.99 euros you donate. What this means is that if you donate 19.99 euros, you will receive 1 promotion token. If you donate 79.99 you will receive 4. Additionally, we have modified the shop to make items cost anywhere from 3 tokens (3/4 the value of 1 old promotion token) to 5 tokens, majority of items being valued at 3 or 4.

We feel this was an important change for the overall community and the players, additionally allowing players who cannot donate as much as others the ability to still get things such as promotion tokens for trade and not feel like they are getting a much smaller amount of points than if they donated a large amount at once.

There is still a bonus for donating larger amounts at one time, however much smaller than before.

Additionally as you can see any donation amount will yield you significantly more coins than before, in some cases more than 50% more coins! Rejoice!

Citation System
Click Spoiler for more info. Please pay extra attention to the MC section and Botting section. These rules will be officially enforced this Era by Gamemasters and Community Managers.

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How Citations Work
A player will receive the amount of citations mentioned based on the offence. Citations add up and take 30 days to clear. Example if you receive 2 citations on December 5th, they will be removed off your record on January 5th. You are punished based on how many citations your account has.
1 Citation - 3 hour ban
2 Citations - 12 hour ban
3 Citations - 24 hour ban
4 Citations - 48 hour ban
5 Citations - 1 week ban
6 Citations - 2 week ban
7 Citations - 1 month ban
8 Citations - Permanent Deletion of Account

1. Names
a) Offensive Name
Names that are insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable.
Punishment: Banishment until player changes name or longer.
b) Invalid Name Format
Names that contain parts of sentences (except for guild names), badly formatted words or nonsensical combinations of letters.
Punishment: Banishment until player changes name or longer.
c) Name Containing Forbidden Advertising
Names that advertise brands, products or services of third parties, content which is not related to the game or trades for real money.
Punishment: Banishment until player changes name or longer.
d) Unsuitable Name
Names that express religious or political views or generally do not fit into Archlights's medieval fantasy setting.
Punishment: Banishment until player changes name or longer.
e) Name Supporting Rule Violation
Names that support, incite, announce or imply a violation of the Archlight Rules.
Punishment: Banishment until player changes name or longer.

2. Statements
a) Offensive Statement
Insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable statements.
Punishment: 1 Citation
b) Spamming
Excessively repeating identical or similar statements or using badly formatted or nonsensical text.
Punishment: 1 Citation
c) Advertising
Advertising brands, products or services of third parties, content which is not related to the game or trades for real money.
Punishment: Deletion of the character.
d) Hostile towards us
Spreading false information or starting propaganda about the server which may cause a reduction of the server's population or harm the server's reputation.
Punishment: Deletion of the character.

3. Cheating
a) Bug Abuse
Exploiting obvious errors of the game or any other part of our services. Bugs must be reported immediatly using our report feature or messaging a staff/tutor.
Punishment: Deletion of the character.
b) Botting
On Archlight, we allow the use of bots to play the game. What this means is you will not be punished for using heal bot, cave bot, training bots, bots in general. However, afk botting in a spawn is not allowed and will be punished. We have multiple staff this era who will be spying and cracking down on fully afk botters. If suspected, a staff will appear and give you 3 minutes to respond. We are okay with players using a bot and going and getting a drink, going to the washroom, playing another game and taking a moment to respond etc. However afk botting while asleep, away from the PC for work etc, will not be tolerated.
Punishment: Character sent to Ingame Jail for 2 hours, follow by 1 citation each time caught.

4. Multi-Clienting
Multiclienting is a very dificult matter. Many players live in a house with another friend, or family member who also plays Archlight, or they wish to train multiple classes so they have the option to play any of them. Multiclienting is allowed on Archlight Online, you are allowed to have as many characters online at a time as you want. However, we have some restrictions to multiclienting to prevent abuse of certain mechanics below. Anything not listed is fine and allowed, generally the things are allow are dificult to monitor and control and thus instead of restricting the honest players, we only will punish the things listed below.
a) Dungeon Running
Using Multiclients to run dungeons or "train" on a character for the rewards is not allowed, you can only have 1 character per literal player for a dungeon
Punishment: 2 Citations
b) Mage Combo
Using Multiclients to combo a player/creatures with spells or attacks.
Punishment: 2 Citations
c) Multi-Clienting during an Event or Rift Event
We will have many staff cracking down on players Multi-Clienting inside rifts or events. You cannot have more than 1 character per literal player in an event.
Punishment: 2 Citations
d) Any Multi-Client characters must be accounted for (Example: not afk in the depot all day etc). If they are not in the trainers, your house, or attended to, and just sitting in the depot, they will be kicked offline.
Punishment: Kicked offline then 1 Citation

5. Legal Issues
a) Game Items Trading
Offering virtual items in Archlight world for real money.
Punishment: Deletion of the character.
b) Hacking
Stealing other players' account or personal data.
Punishment: Deletion of the character. Permanent IP Ban.