Patch Notes

29 November 2016 (03:10) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes - Wednesday (November 30th)

Stat Stone Changes

Increasing the droprate of stat stones from dungeons from 5%-9%
Increasing droprate of stat stones from hardcore dungeon s from 10% to 17.5%
Increasing the scaling of stats Haste, Strength, Arcane, Restoration, Runemastery from 0.7% - 1% per stone

Class Changes
Death's Touch will be removed.
Reaper's Touch is now 12.5% stronger.
Min Flurry of Punches damage lowered by 20%.

Crafting Changes
Increasing the amount of vegetables harvested from farming by 65%

Convenience Changes
Fast Travel will now have the option for players to teleport infront of the New Player Equipment Quest Portals. This should help new players find where they need to go for their progression gear.
Able to walk through your own summons (Necromancers and Monks)
No longer able to switch back to your outfit in TDM and CTF events by going lich form or cat/bear/merlkin form.
Lord of the Elements is no longer immune to holy.

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28 November 2016 (18:31) by Gamemaster Knighter

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Developers Notes

28 November 2016 (06:08) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey Archlighters! 

Something that has always been important to us is delivering new content as often and consistant as possible. We want to keep you guys in the loop on what our developement team is preparing and give you guys a quick taste of whats to come! This is roughly in order of the time things will come. But may change ;)

More detailed teasers with screenshots etc will come closer to release

1 - The Warzone
This is something we have wanted to bring into Archlight for a long time. About 9 months to be exact. We have done multiple polls over the past almost-year about making Archlight a PvP-E server. Most polls slightly won agreeing to keep it normal PvP but showing a very large and increasing interested in a PvP-E aspect. This lead us to design the Warzone. 
The Warzone is a PvP-Enforced area with 4 castles. These castles have a chance of spawning a boss, killing this boss will not only increase your characters damage while in this event, but it will also stack a 6 hour experience boost to your character. You can stack as many of these experience buffs from each boss throughout the event. So whats the catch? Well, only 2 bosses will be spawned at once. These bosses will create conflict, as players will be hunting for your skull for their taste of your experience. When a boss is slain, another will spawn in a random other castle. The Warzone will have other unique mechanics that make it a viable form of PvP-E for any level and any class. Will you sneak boss kills and stack up an experience bonus for after the event? Will you reap kills on opponenets to steal their experience and levels? That is for you to strategize and decide.

2 - Premium Content Zone
Something we'd like to do for those who support us is create an extra content area that is different from the ones offered currently. With this we will be trying to meet a similar style to what games such as Tibia and Runescape currently offer, however to a small degree. We do not want to go to Tibias level, where 70-80% of content is walled off with a premium requirement, more like 95/5%. To be clear, this content will not be like "VIP Island" on many servers in which the creatures there are drastically better for exp'ing, loot, and just overall much better. The concept behind this is more to create something new and additional for players to explore, and some extra new creatures for premium players to hunt. This area will be a more "Open world" concept than a teleport based area in which players can explore more instead of taking teleports to each spawn. 

3 - Pirate Isles 
This will be a new content area that our team has started to develope. This will be released with multiple different spawns/areas to explore, a long and challenging quest for teams to do together, and a new dungeon for player to complete.

4. Archlight Tutorial (For new players)

Archlight is a very unique and custom OT. This is good in many ways, and provides an emersive and exciting experience for many players, however for some it is very overwhelming and confusing, let's face it 95% of servers out there are real map clones... Most players are not used to learning new things when it comes to OT's. We want to make that process easier. Our plan is to make an Optional Tutorial for new players to play through teaching them many of the basics of Archlight, and the completion of this tutorial will award the player with some basic items and 5 stat points to get them started. 

We are very excited about the near future content updates and will be posting tons of teasers as these things flesh out more!

Couple o' Gifs

28 November 2016 (03:04) by Gamemaster Knighter

Dungeon Box + Crates

27 November 2016 (20:48) by Gamemaster Knighter

We have increased the chance to get stat stones from Dungeon Boxes by 100%. This means you are twice as likely to get a stat stone from a dungeon chest.

Additionally, we have also increased the chance to get a stat stone from an Archlight Crate by 10%. Along with that, we have also restructured one of the tiers (the skill potion tier) to give a 25% chance to give an additional state stone per crate.

This patch was reloaded in and is now in affect.


27 November 2016 (02:22) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey Archlighters! For those of you who don't know, we like to do frequent polls to get feedback from you players on what you guys would like to shape Archlight into! We encourage everyone to take 30 seconds to cast a vote to help us developers have an insight into your guy's mind and wants!
Click here for a poll on new content area

First Day Hype!

26 November 2016 (09:58) by Gamemaster Knighter

Today was a massive first day for Archlight!
The Biggest we have ever had in our 18 months since creation! I think everyone is super hyped for the best Era of Archlight yet and tons of things to come including The Warzones(coming in 1 week), A New Awakening Boots Quest (coming in 4 weeks), and many many more things to come! Today we had over 1500 different players login and play Archlight Online, Peaking at 800 Online! We are excited to deliver you tons of awesome content every single week from here onward! That includes new dungeons, new quests, new spawns and new events. This has and always will be our commitment, providing a project that is constantly updated and worked on by a professional team.

We are so excited for the content to come and the consistently growing future of Archlight and we are so happy to have you guys with us for the journey!

Now here's a picture of a puppy. 


25 November 2016 (19:37) by Gamemaster Knighter

300+ logged in within 15 minutes.