Forgotten Islands Expansion

06 April 2018 (01:57) by Gamemaster Knighter

Forgotten Islands Expansion - Patch 12.0.0 + New Client Build

Easter Event Over, Replaced with Catchup Pouches (Ingame Only)
Daily Login Bonus
Character Progression Expanded
Activatable Trinkets
Power Scaling Rifts
Buy Archlight Keys with In-Game Gold
Vitality + Intelligence boosted 20%
New Client + Website Background

Easter Event Over, Catchup Mechanic Remains!

As many of you have noticed, we have had a massive influx of new players and returning players over the past 2 weeks, we attribute alot of this to our easter catchup mechanics, but also to our referral system (which has been a massive success!). We are extremely excited about this, as our community has been growing rampantly the last 2 weeks. We want to keep this catchup mechanic available, so new players are not 2 full months behind and the idea of even being involved in late game quests is a pipe dream. So we have replaced the easter eggs with simply catchup pouches. These still have the exact same rewards, just removing the easter egg sprite from it. The Easter Bunny however will be saying farewell.. for now. 

Daily Login Bonus
Daily Login Bonus? Consecutive Day Login Bonus? I think so! We are bringing in a new feature to Archlight to further help the more casual player, but also all players on Archlight! Now, every 24 hours (resetting at 00:00 CEST) you will be able to redeem 2 different bonuses, the first being a 100% experience bonus to killing creatures for 1 hour, the second being 100% bonus experience to the next 6 dungeon chests you open! Additionally... every consecutive day you redeem these bonuses the next day your bonus will be 10% bigger (to a total of 100% additional bonus/10 days). Once on the 10th day, the bonus will remain at an additional 100% as long as you dont miss a day. You can redeem this bonus by simply clicking the icon on the top left part of your client.

Forgotten Islands Character Progression Expanded!

Stat Limit Increased to 120!
Weapon and Armor Limit Increased to +50! 
Tier 2 Soul Rune + Tier 4 Rune Emblem available from Forgotten Islands Content
4 New Sets of Equipment Added to Forgotten Islands (3 Dropped from Open World Boss Raids).
Feats and Feat Quests will be added within the next few days (Reloaded in), be prepared to choose your allegiance between Order and Chaos.

Things to be added soon to Forgotten Islands 
World Boss Raids - With their own dropped equipment sets
Additional recipes to top tier crafting for all professions
Rough Water Fishing
Lumberjacking + Woodworking Professions

Activatable Trinkets
We will be adding 5 new Trinkets to Archlight, these will be obtained as a promo gift. You will receive 6 Trinket Tokens free from any 159.99 Archlight Coin Bundle donation, and 3 Trinket Tokens for any 79.99 Archlight Coin Bundle donation. All trinkets can be purchased from the top floor of the depot for 4 Trinket Tokens.  

When a trinket is on cooldown, it cannot be moved out of your trinket slot, however it will still have the passive bonus active.
When you use the active bonus of a trinket, the passive bonus will be overlapped by the active bonus until the active bonus expires.
Trinkets are Soulbound.
All Trinkets have a 5 minute cooldown.

The following 5 Trinkets will be available come tomorrow's expansion launch. 

Fountain of Life Trinket
Passive Benefit: +2%/+2% Hp/Mana per Tick
Activated Benefit: +4%/+4% Hp/Mana per tick for 15 seconds

Spiritseer Trinket

Passive Benefit: -10% Spell Cooldown
Activated Benefit: -20% Spell Cooldown for 30 seconds

Forgestone Trinket
Passive Benefit: +8% Resistance
Activated Benefit: +12% Resistance, +150 Movement Speed for 15 seconds

Journeymans Trinket
Passive Benefit: -20% Energy used when gathering
Activated Benefit: +15% Crafting Experience Earned for 5 minutes

Hunters Trinket
Passive Benefit: +10% Experience from Creatures / -5% Resistance
Activated Benefit: +15% Experience from Creatures / -10% Resistance for 30 seconds

Power Scaling Rifts
There are 4 tiers of rifts now, based on your Power Rating rather than your Awakening Level. Additionally, the strength, experience and rewards of rift creatures now scales based on the tier of rift.

Archlight Keys can now be purchased for ingame gold from the premium merchant for 4kk a key.

The Max Health and Max Mana gained from Vitality and Intelligence has been increased by 20%

New ArchClient + Website Background 

As many of you know, our talented illustrator Deriaz has been drawing a Dracona battle scene the past week for our client and website background, the illustration alone is finished, however animation will be added to it as well, for now, as just the illustration is done, just the still image will be added, the animated image will be added in the next client build :)

Farming Plants and Animals will no longer need to be re-planted/re-watered after a patch and will now store this value.
Creating cards no longer requires soul
Spell Cooldown Mechanic Added
Berserker, Monk and Rogue soul rune now properly scale off runemastery
Fixed an issue where having revenge skull and dove mode toggled could lead to getting white skull
Mounts & Wings will now be re-toggled after a druid form ends

Awakening Tutorial Video!

05 April 2018 (06:43) by Gamemaster Knighter

And our second video is now live! What to do once you're awakened!
Click Here To View

New Player Videos!

04 April 2018 (04:18) by Gamemaster Knighter

Due to the recent influx of new players again, we will be releasing several videos that cover the basics of Archlight Online! Confused on Levels 1-1500? Where to start? We have uploaded the first video of our short series of - How To Play Archlight - Coming Soon: What To Do After Awakening Your Character, Crafting, Endgame Gearing and much more.
Watch Video Here

Patch 11.1.4 + Client Build

02 April 2018 (20:10) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 11.1.4 + New Client Build

Damage Range Rework
We have reworked the old tibia formula for damage, and added a moreconsistant average to auto attacks (this applies to all vocations). Previously,
a high tier player’s auto’s would range from 1k-15k, this can make balancing
annoying, especially when it comes to pvp. We have reworked the formula to “tighten”
the range, however keeping the same average damage output. Now, instead of
1-15k range, the same player would see a 5-11k range (still having the same
average damage output, however less of a massive swing in damage).

Scaling on Awakening Turnins
Experience from turning in items to the awakening trader will now scale +2.5% per 10 awakening levels.
Misc Changes/Fixes
Global Cooldown has been removed from Absorb The Elements and Absorb Spiritspells for Monk making them feel less “clunky”.
Archlight Keys now work properly again on creates
Orange Skull Issues should be now fixed
Several no/low stat 1 handed shields were changed to 2 handed.
Item descriptions on Stamina Refiller, Prismatic Set and Gold Nuggets hasbeen updated
Lightstorm Free Reset now properly works
Static and Enflamed castles in Hall of Fame names corrected (they wereswapped by accident)
Fixes applied to auto targetting
Map Fixes
Fixed multiple teleporters that we’re not behaving properly
Fixed dozens of small map bugs, some in the new legendary quest as well
Missing floor tiles fixed in Premium “Lobby”
PZ added to start of Forgotten Passage (Legendary Spell) Quest

Patch 11.1.3 + New Client Buil

30 March 2018 (01:30) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 11.1.3 Notes + New Client Build - Releases Tomorrow

Fishing Tiles now have their own unique sprite. Additionally, many places with fish pools too cluttered together or on land/grass have been fixed.
Otherworld Spirits and Phantoms lootrate dropped by 50%
The power rating from weapons has been lowered by 25%, the power from statslowered by 10%, the power from level by 25%.
Armors will now attribute to your power rating (this will add about 1500power to some players based on their gear)
Goldencrafted weapons now properly apply gems
Castle quests will now drop a Goldencrafted Token Fragment instead of achance at a Goldencrafted weapon token. All 4 castles fragments will create 1 Goldencrafted
weapon token. This is so that players can’t farm the quest to sell the weapon,
and instead, it will be 1 weapon per player.
Legendary Spells quest now accessible (requires castles completed andawakening 300+) – Added in South Quest Room
Obviously, all 10 legendary spells are now available (due to quest beingavailable xD)
200 Spell Icons changed to now have their own spell icon image (Nowactually resembling what the skill does!)
Fixed a weird glitch where when riding these mounts your character would “twitch”or outfit go white. The following mounts have been fixed - Inferno Warhorse,
Cinderhoof, Frostflare, Nightdweller, Plumfish, Coralripper, Sea Devil, Batcat,
Venompaw, Flitterkatzen, Glooth Glider, Floating Kashmir, Magic Carpet, Flying
Divan, Copper Fly, Steel Bee, Golden Dragonfly, Tempest, Nethersteed, Flamesteed.
A few dozen map fixes

Hemorage Enchantment Changes
Duration 6 Ticks > 5 Ticks
Frequency of Ticks from every 1 second > every 0.75 seconds
Damage now scales off your Power
Damage for T2 scales 2x off your Power

Grasping Enchantment Changes
Paralyze duration (40% Slow) for melee users increased from 450ms > 800ms
T2 from 1100ms > 1200ms
Duration for distance users increased from 500ms > 700ms
T2 from 700ms > 1200ms
Paralyze duration for wand users increased from 750ms >1000ms
T2 from 1100ms > 1500ms


Developers Update

27 March 2018 (07:45) by Gamemaster Knighter

Developers Update
Something we want to start doing more frequently is updates from our development team. This will be a post (usually once a month) that will inform you guys on what we're working on and our mindset behind that!
I will be adding TL;DR at the bottom of each section, but I really encourage you (or atleast someone from each guild/friend group) to read the full post, we wont do these often, and we really are putting a good amount of time in to catching up and informing all of you guys on our plans/current status. 

A Rampantly Growing Community
We're honestly blown away this Era by the growth of our playerbase, and the growing support of that playerbase. Full discretion for those who dont know, Archlight is and has always been a massive passion project for me, I make a very good living from 2 RL businesses I own, of which I spend about 10% of my time handling, my other 90% of my time is spent on Archlight, usually 60 hours (minimum) to 80/90 hours most weeks. It's very rare someone cannot contact me unless i'm sleeping. Archlight has never been a source of income for me, what I make, generally goes straight back into Archlight within a week into new development and growth of our team. We're one of the VERY few OT's that can actually pay our staff a realistic wage and also constantly innovate, develop, and balance as a full-time team. When our community grows, when our support grows, so does our team, and our project, this magically creates a very cool snowball affect, where ultimately our community continues to grow due to that. It's pretty cool that after 3 years, we still have a community that grows almost every Era (This Era in particular)

Something we rarely display is our logins, however we have once in the past and are choosing to again today. Below are our Unique Daily Logins, this means a player logging in on a unique account and unique IP (of course this has a slight downside as roomates or siblings would count as 1 person), but it's the most accurate representation we get of our playerbase.

We will mention, while our "hardcore/hyper-competitive/race" community has only grown by about 15-20%, our casual playerbase has grown by a very drastic amount, which is something we virtually had non-existant before. This is not only exciting having more players daily playing Archlight (even if just for a few dungeons, and a rift maybe) but many of those players also eventually become more competitive/hardcore players, as everyone knows, Archlight has a steep learning curve.. something we're working on improving currently for the near future.
The Easter Catchup event found a great jump in new players, with over 600 new unique characters being created in just 7 days, additionally, many many players returned more motivated than ever.

Change in our Development Strategy
In the past 3 Era's, 1 week~ ago was generally the time we see a large decrease in the population, this almost always is due to lack of content, lack of challenges. As mentioned, there will be no lack of content in Rise of the Otherworlds, we have action packed content locked and loaded and ready to be released for the player base. Additionally, this is part of the reason for catchup mechanics, we want to follow a similar path to other massive MMO's such as WoW, Tera, Archeage, and BDO to be the closest example. 

Our two main focuses are to make sure the pioneer's are rewarded for being the pioneers, by creating a bigger role with the Hall of Fame, adding even more incentives and glory to the top teams. Our second focus being keeping the community progressing and relevant. We dont want a massive gap between our new players, or casual players, and the top tier. Of course there will always be a gap, that's the reward of being a hardcore and hall of fame player, however we want to make sure new players get involved in the community as soon as possible, additionally, that casual players can actively complete content in the heart of the community. 

In the past, major expansions always came with the event of a reset and a new Era. Adding that "race" feel to alot of the hardcore players, and a new oppertunity for the casual players. Our goal is to achieve this feeling, for the entire community, but without a reset or new Era. We have pagres and pages of brainstorming on how we will best achieve this, but a big part is dropping a REAL expansion. A massive influx of new unique and challenging content, new features, new systems, and a way for the entire community to achieve this.

The only reason we feel ambitious to pursue this, is due to the growing community that has gotten behind Archlight, again, we cant thank you enough for giving us the ability to grow our team, dedicate our full days to development, and making Archlight bigger, more exciting, and more unique every single patch. 

Strengthening Our Team

Something you may have noticed is the growing size of the Archlight Team! This may be old news now, but Finkelz moving into a paid staff position, handling balance (along with help of other council members), content development and a utility man (taking care of dozens of random things daily). He has been an amazing second-hand to me while handling things in real life from my father passing, and i'm sure will continue to grow his role in the Archlight Team. 
Additionally, Dhavii joined the team as a paid mapper. We're very excited about this moving forward as he has fit in perfect with our development team and we have alot planned together coming soon.

And we have 2 more exciting additions who have very recently joined, the first being Deriaz, a talented illustrator and streamer. He will be doing some contract work for us, starting with illustrating a new Client + Website Background, additionally, animating the client background ;) 

As well as our most recent addition - Kamred - who will be making all new Graphic Windows for our game client, putting some love and art into all our common windows, such as the Dungeon Finder, Stats Window, Quest Log, Informative Windows, and much more. We're very excited to give our client windows a much needed revamp with an actual Graphic Designer at the helm!

Our Team - More Motivated Than Ever
One thing my dad always did well, without getting too sentinmental, is he always spent as much time as possible on his passions, turning most into businesses. Him passing just reminded me how much I love working on Archlight, how much our entire team loves working on Archlight. Between that, and our growing playerbase and team, our team has been more motivated than ever. We have a team meeting almost everyday lately, and we're all bubbling with excitement on what we're currently developing, we just wish time could fast forward so we could release it sooner! Motivation is powerful, it helps push through those 16 hour days of brainstorming, discussing, planning, and executing. 

Just some of the things we're currently working on releasing very soon..
Mechanics to All Higher Tier Creatures, Daily Login Bonuses, Feats, Castle Sieges, Graphic Overhaul, Custom Artwork, Scaling Rifts, Further Forgotten Islands Development (Base Ready for Release), "Cyclopedia", Potentially Prey System, Worker System, Arena System Rework (Make it more exciting/challenging and better/scaling rewards), Ramparts 3, 4 and 5, Scaling Awakening Item Turnins, Interactive Tutorial System

~Knighter + The Archlight Development Team

House Contest #6!

26 March 2018 (00:00) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the week 6 house contest winners!
Be sure to decorate your house for our next house contest this Saturday! 1st Place Winners from a house contest cannot win in the following week.

1st Place - Riff Raff - 1000 Coins + House Decoration Contest Sword!

2nd Place - Maricela Souza - House Decoration Contest Sword!

[New] Referral System

25 March 2018 (04:16) by Gamemaster Knighter

Details about our referral system and how YOU can earn free Archlight Coins.