Mini-Patch 6.0.1

17 December 2016 (19:07) by Gamemaster Knighter

Mini-Patch 6.0.1

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Fixed Necromancer Rune not Scaling
Soul Runes can now go to +20
Soul Soils now drop from mysterious boxes (reward from killing wild bosses)
Wild bosses portal now only lets you through if you have killed atleast 20% of the required monsters to summon it (prevent people from camping portals)
Cleaned up the !wildboss talkaction so its much cleaner and easier to view.
Soul Soils now have a 8% chance to drop in lootcrates.
Multiple small mapping fixes in new premium area

Christmas Bundles!

16 December 2016 (22:44) by Gamemaster Knighter

You guys have been asking for it, we're delivering it! Straight out of Santa's Workshop!
Happy Holidays Archlight Family!

List of Items in Each Bundle Below
Bundles can be purchased on our Donate Page.
These bundles will ONLY be available until 12.27.16

Gnome Christmas Bundle - 34.99 (Roughly 2670 Coin Value)
7 Days Premium 
2 Golden Nuggets
3 Archlight Keys + 3 Lootcrates

1 Sugar-Charged Magnet

10 Stat Stones

5 Soul Soils

100 Upgrader Stones
  50 Ultimate Health Elixirs 
50 Great Mana Elixirs
 50 Great Spirit Elixirs
 10 Supreme Health Elixirs
 10 Ultimate Mana Elixirs
 10 Ultimate Spirit Elixirs

Rudolph Christmas Bundle - 59.99 (Roughly 5580 Coin Value)
7 Day Premium Scroll
5 Archlight Keys + 5 Lootcrates
5 Gold Nuggets

2 Sugar-Charged Magnets

10 Large Stat Stones

10 Soul Soils
 200 Ultimate Health Elixirs
200 Great Mana Elixirs
 200 Great Spirit Elixirs
 50 Supreme Health Elixirs
 50 Ultimate Mana Elixirs
 50 Ultimate Spirit Elixirs

Grinch Christmas Bundle - 89.99 (Roughly 11710 Coin Value)
One Month Premium Scroll
Christmas Relic
10 Gold Nuggets

5 Super-Charged Magnets
10 Archlight Keys + 10 Lootcrates

20 Large Stat Stones

20 Soul Soils
 400 Ultimate Health Elixirs
400 Great Mana Elixirs
 400 Great Spirit Elixirs
 100 Supreme Health Elixirs
 100 Ultimate Mana Elixirs
 100 Ultimate Spirit Elixirs

Santa Christmas Bundle - 139.99 (24,300 Coin Value)
Christmas Bundle Exclusive Mount - Armoured Cavebear, Steelbeak, Blazebringer, Glacier Vegabond

2x - 1 Month premium Scrolls
Christmas Relic
20 Gold Nuggets
10 Super-Charged Magnets
20 Archlight Keys + 20 Lootcrates

35 Large Stat Stones

35 Soul Soils
 1000 Ultimate Health Elixirs
1000 Great Mana Elixirs
 1000 Great Spirit Elixirs
 300 Supreme Health Elixirs
 300 Ultimate Mana Elixirs
 300 Ultimate Spirit Elixirs

12 Days of Christmas

16 December 2016 (11:36) by Gamemaster Knighter

Everyday until Christmas we will have a different event/promo running! This includes many Free Points events on our Facebook, Discord, Youtube and Twitch! We will be giving out over 15,000 points over these 12 days.

Everyday, you can view this post for that days giveaway! Be sure to check this everyday for ways you can win free points! We kicked it off yesterday with the livestream! What's Today!?

December 15th - Day 1
Twitch Livestream - 1000 Points Given Away

December 16th - Day 2
Like our Facebook Page + Our Post Saying "Archlights 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, 3x people selected for 500 Archlight Coins Each! Must have our page liked for a chance to win, Share this post for 3 entries to win, like this post for 1 entry to win, all entries count! Winner Selected on December 19th - Posted on Facebook"

December 17th - Day 3
Extended facebook contest!!!!

[size=120]18th Day 4 - Subscribe to our Youtube channel (
[color=#0000ff][size=120][/size][/color]) Five people from our youtube channel will be selected to win 500 Archlight Coins Each! Winners Selected and posted on our facebook on 21st!![/size]

Live Developer Q&A

14 December 2016 (01:27) by Gamemaster Knighter

Live Developer Q&A #2 - Thursday 12pm PST (21:00 CEST) 
You guys have a chance pick my brain a bit with your questions! I will be livestreaming on for an unknown amount of time (basically until there's no questions left).

Follow the stream now so you don't miss out when we go live in the future as well!

Not online and have a question you would like us developers to possibly answer? No worries! You can post your question in our discord channel in the #Q&Atwitch channel. Your question must be written concise and in a question format. CM's will review questions and not all will make it through, however I will most likely be doing this Q&A + Contest teaser livestream weekly~. You can then simply watch the VOD to see your question answered + others. It will also be added onto youtube a few days after.

Make sure to have your questions in before the live stream otherwise be there in the twitch chat to ask them!

Patch 6.0.0

10 December 2016 (10:05) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 6.0.0 - Massive Content Drop!
Friday - December 16th

Everything below will be released in our first major content patch of this Era!

Split Rifts for High Levels and Low
Now when a player goes through the rift portal, it will feel completely the same to them, however, they will be in either 1 of 2 Rifts. If they are below prestige 1 (not prestige) they will go into a Low Level Rift. This rift will be identical however it will not have Prestige 1+ players inside of it. This will help newer players to get less "rekt" in rifts by the high levels farming up rift tasks. Additionally, all Prestige 1> players will now be teleported into another copy of the exact same Rift.

12 Days of Christmas
We will be kicking off 12 days of Archlight Christmas on me (Knighters) Birthday (December 13th). Everyday until Christmas we will have a different event/promo running! This includes many Free Points events on our Facebook, Discord, Youtube and Twitch! We will be giving out over 15,000 points over these 12 days. Get. Hyped.

Player Progress Micro-Saved instead of Global Save
Characters will now individually be saved every 30-90 seconds in a random interval, additionally players will be saved at any skill up or level. Not only will this help protect from the aspect of someone potentially figuring out a way to dupe on a crash, but it will also protect your characters in the event of a crash as the rollback will only be 1-90 seconds.

Warzones Event  (Delayed - Unforeseen errors with the event causing crashes, sorry <3)
This is something we have wanted to bring into Archlight for a long time. About 9 months to be exact. We have done multiple polls over the past almost-year about making Archlight a PvP-E server. Most polls slightly won agreeing to keep it normal PvP but showing a very large and increasing interested in a PvP-E aspect. This lead us to design the Warzone. 
The Warzone is a PvP-Enforced area with 4 castles. These castles have a chance of spawning a boss, killing this boss will not only increase your characters damage while in this event, but it will also stack a 6 hour experience boost to your character. You can stack as many of these experience buffs from each boss throughout the event. So whats the catch? Well, only 2 bosses will be spawned at once. These bosses will create conflict, as players will be hunting for your skull for their taste of your experience. When a boss is slain, another will spawn in a random other castle. The Warzone will have other unique mechanics that make it a viable form of PvP-E for any level and any class. Will you sneak boss kills and stack up an experience bonus for after the event? Will you reap kills on opponenets to steal their experience and levels? That is for you to strategize and decide.

Wild Bosses
Wild bosses are a new series of creatures being added to Archlight. There will 67 different wild bosses that can spawn on Archlight. How are these spawned you might ask? After killing a set amount of any creature in any spawn (viewable by !wildboss) will tell you how many of every creature has currently been slain and how many more until a wild creature spawns. Everyone on Archlight can contribute to summoning a wild creature, however you may want to sneak them for yourself ;)
These creatures will generally take 200-400 creature kills to summon one. Each creature is different based on it's difficulty. When a wild boss spawns it will open a portal in that spawn/cave.
Wild Bosses will have a 15 minute cooldown until they can be earned again (the progress for spawning another of the same creature will have a 15 minute cooldown to prevent people doing the exact same creature/wild boss).
Wild Bosses will have 5x more health and 2-3x more damage than the normal creature.
Wild bosses will drop 1 Sugar Cane each (50 energy) and 1-8 Wild Boxes. These boxes are stackable and can be opened to receive a completely random reward. They will give you 1 item anywhere from 1 platinum coin, 1 archlight token up to one of 2 very rare mounts (nethersteed and flamesteed), golden nuggets, crystal coins and Archlight Keys.
We are very excited about this new system being added to Archlight as it will further promote active hunting, tracking bosses, micro-challenges throughout gameplay and further discourage mcing/afk botting.

Legacy Rewards Redeemed and Unlocked (Mondays Patch)
Edit - We are making a Legacy House Island for Monday, more info to come, we're making the higher legacy rewards much more kickass than they are now.
All Legacy Rewards will be unlocked and redeemable ingame simply using !shop. We apologize for this delay but it was non optional on our side as we are still making some slight adjustments to change the layout of Legacy Rewards and have been very overwhelmed with the content we want to deliver to the majority of the playerbase. Thanks for those understanding.

Soul Runes
Every vocation has their own personalized soul rune. These runes are obtained upon reaching level 300. Everyone past that level currently will automatically receive one upon one level up.
These runes are created to appeal to the speciality of their current vocation, and aid them in their uniqueness.
These runes can be upgraded to +25 using Soul Dust.
These Dusts will be obtainable in-game from Wild Bosses. (Random rare chance)
Soul runes have a 20 second cooldown however a 0 second global cooldown (able to use another spell immediately afterwards)

 Druid Rune - 
Expands from center to be size of avalanche rune, paralyzes anyone hit and deals damage
Sorcerer Rune - Deals energy damage to all targets hit and an additional small damage over time after.
Necromancer - Applies two different dot's to the target dealing extra damage over time
Guardian - Stuns the target + heals the guardian for a percentage of their max health.
Berserker - Ground slam ripples around them doing damage and paralyzing.
Archer - Attack speed buff (Starts with 7.5% attack speed increase, up 0.9% per upgrade on rune.
Monks - Stuns target for 1 second while the monk dashes 4 times around the target hitting them each time.
Bard: AOE Rune that increases the damage of all party members hit (starts at 5%, scales up 0.8% per upgrade on the rune) lasts 10 seconds.

New Premium Content Released
This is a large island with multiple different unique spawns. Many screenshots are posted in the thread below for you to satisfy your eye cravings ;)
This content was mapped by our very talented newer mapper Bump
Additionally there is a daily regular stat stone quest here that require 3 people to do at a time.

Power Rating to Better Balance Teams
Teams in TDM and CTF will now be split based on a more accurate power rating instead of strictly level.

Small Convience Changes
Necromancer - Summons AOE will no longer hurt the user

Outfits no longer reset in TDM/CTF when you go necro form/bear/cat/merlkin form
War end fixed and properly applies now
Experience scrolls etc fixed to no longer compound the experience gained. Now it will properly apply an added amount.

Premium Area Teaser

08 December 2016 (07:18) by Gamemaster Knighter

Coming to Archlight December 16th!

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New Tutors!

07 December 2016 (10:19) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the 6 new tutor selected out of a total of 43 applications!
- Archeress
- Savy
- Seeba
- Chrisz
- Cross
- Xinra
Have been added to our Tutor Team!

Tutor Applications

07 December 2016 (00:03) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey Archlighters! Want a chance to help the community? Have a special orange font ingame? Tutor Tag on Discord? Now's your chance to apply!

To apply, copy the following and answer it out and then send your application to

Name Ingame:
Languages Spoken:
Since when have you played Archlight:
Why do you think you would be a good tutor:
What do you think being a tutor involves:
Do you actively use our Discord Group?

We generally get a lot of applications so make sure yours is concise and clear.
Best of luck!