Tutor Applications!

12 January 2017 (01:02) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey Archlighters! Want a chance to help the community? Have a special orange font ingame? Tutor Tag on Discord? Now's your chance to apply!

To apply, copy the following and answer it out and then send your application to archlightonline@gmail.com

Name Ingame:
Languages Spoken:
Since when have you played Archlight:
Why do you think you would be a good tutor:
What do you think being a tutor involves:
Do you actively use our Discord Group?

We generally get a lot of applications so make sure yours is concise and clear.
Best of luck!

Developers Notes!

08 January 2017 (10:40) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey guys! As many of you know, i was "deathly" ill the past week. K, not deathly, but I had a really bad flu and fever and was bed-ritten for 3-4 days. Thus I was kinda MIA, for many of you this is a very weird experience as im usually on 14-16 hours a day 7 days a week ;). I just wanted to let everyone know (despite many knowing already) why I was dificult to contact. And felt I should give you guys a spoiler on what we're working on!

Just a quick reminder, everything below talked about we will be discussing in detail and answering questions on in our Q&A Livestream on Wednesday at 12:00 PST (21:00 CEST) So be there! Oh.. we're also giving away 5 Packages of 300 Coins.. twitch.tv/sirknighter follow it now so you dont miss it!

I'm not going to lie.. our developement team is pretty fired up on the new content were working on and the existing content that we're changing. Let's kick it off with a bang. As many of you know, we decided to keep the 400% experience boost for players below Prestige 3 PERMANENTLY! Players just liked it too much and we feel its good for new players and existing players both for speeding up the new player process. Our goal is to get new/players who dont play as much up into the action much quicker than before ultimately creating more action for the hardcore Archlighters!

Next, We're making prestiges 1, 2, 3, 4 AND 5 all 50% cheaper to obtain!

Oh and next? Yea... We're gunna give everyone 2 stat points every 100 levels from 1000 - 2500. This will affect everyone even prestige 10 people, but only one time (you wont receive these stats everytime you acquire these levels after prestiging). That's 30 free stat points. Ummm... Enjoy ;)

Whats next Knighter? Well... From now on, all PvP Events (Team Death Match, Capture The Flag) everyones stats are going to be brought up to a minimum of 80. Yes. Even you timmy with your 3 vitalism and strength, ur getting 80's. The reason for this is we want to make TDM and CTF feel more about working together, not hiding behind the juggernaut 1 shotting an entire team. We feel this is already a big step in the direction of making these events much more fun for everyone. It's important we still allow for someone to excel, that is the point of an MMORPG, to acquire power and use that power, but its not fun when no one has a challenge. We're very excited about this change and the other changes to come!

Exiva now will tell you what NPC or creature the player you are exiva'ing is closest to. This will allow for better tracking of people you are looking for. It will always require some cunning in locating them.
10 more farmlands added. HOLY! Everyone single farm is taken. You guys are crazy. No era, even 4 months into one, have we had no farmlands available let alone little over 1 month into one! I assume thats due to our growing community, but we will be adding 10 more farmlands to cater to this! So everyone who doesn't have a farm yet, Get Ready!!

Things on our Agenda:

Last Man Standing + Warzones (Final testing to be done on Monday). It is extremely important to us that stability comes first for all Archlight Content. What that means is if we feel something is not fully tested yet or requires more balancing, we will take our time to do so. Sometimes things get pushed under the rug while we work on other things however, unfortunatly warzones and LMS were pushed under the rug. However, we're extremely happy with where theyre at and how players will receive it.

Making open-world PvP more interactive and fulfilling for newer players, and undergeared/statted characters!
A Mentor/Mentee program where high prestige players can help out newer/non-prestiged players in simple mechanics like dungeons or quests and both sides can be rewarded for doing so!

Free stat resets for any category below 40 Stat Points!

Working Quest Log to track every quest you have completed, not-completed or are working on!
Story quest chain and lore for Archlight.

Lord Tokens. Some serious fun for the top tier players on Archlight.

Awakening Boots Quest - Ready to go, but letting players progress a bit further, planned to release late/end of january with most of this content.

Protectors of Archlight Event - Ready to stand up in arms together with your fellow archlighters in an event against hordes of creatures? Fight together, defeat the enemies, the farther the server collectively makes it the bigger the global experience + loot boost afterwards - More to come ;)

Adding more legacy houses (12 more to be exact) - These got scooped up fast... We will be adding 12 more!

New Additions!

07 January 2017 (05:49) by Gamemaster Knighter

12:00PM PST (21:00 CEST) twitch.tv/sirknighter

Our developement team is cooking up some exciting new changes to Archlight in the near future. Our major goal is making pvp events much more competitive for the newer players. IE bringing them up to make them worth fighting in pvp events such as TDM and CTF. Our goal is a similar style to WoW and Guild Wars approach in players who join events receiving a large overall stat boost to make them much more relevant making pvp events feel more like an actual competition rather than who has more powerhouses on their team.

We have many other plans on how to capture and promote the new player experience and help them get into things much faster than before! A much more detailed post, with pics ;) will come out in the next few days (probably Tuesday)

Additionally, Wednesday we will be doing a Q&A Livestream (we got a lot more questions built up now) and also showing off/discussing the new content and additions that will be coming! Be sure to tune in as not only are we answering questions, talking about up and coming stuff for the first time, but were also giving away 5 packages of 300 Archlight Coins!

New Player Bonus

04 January 2017 (02:57) by Gamemaster Knighter

We have decided that we will be keeping the 400% experience bonus to players below prestige 3 permanently!
We have received amazing feedback from this and have decided it will remain from now onward!

Additionally, because all you stat stone addicts are enjoying it so much, we will be keeping the 2x stat stone event on until our next Patch (Friday).

Enjoy ;)

2x Weekend!

02 January 2017 (04:59) by Gamemaster Knighter

Boxing day bundles will be removed tomorrow mid day in the patch! Make sure you pick them up now if you havn't yet!! Additionally our extra exp weekend + double stat stone weekend will conclude also! Im sure there will be more of this in the future though!
Have a good evening everyone and happy Archlighting!

Patch 6.0.3

29 December 2016 (03:23) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 6.0.3 - December 29th 21:00 CEST

This Starts THURSDAY Already (12.29.16) at 21:00 CEST and lasts until Monday (01.02.17) 21:00 CEST
Players will have a 200% chance to get Stat Stones from Dungeon and Hardcore Dungeon Boxes, additionally, any player under Prestige 3 will receive 200% Increased Experience Rate!

show spoiler
Bard - Cleric
Final Light healing buffed by 500%.
Lightstorm Spell Added.
Divine Circle now properly gives 50% immunity for 10 seconds.
Holy Shield now properly gives 10% immunity for 60 seconds.
All their party buffs are now very much reworked. Now bard buffs last 15 seconds, have a 30 second cooldown, and have 200% the buff than before.
Essentially this should make bard not only more useful/valuable, but also more fun for the bard themselves managing which buffs to have up when and why.

Clear State Enchantments changed from 2% and 4% to 1% and 2% regen respectively.

Archer - Flurry
Quad Shot buffed by 900%
Arrow Volley buffed by 860%

Magic Scrolls now scale based off base magic skill instead of modified magic skill
3x Trainers in Legacy Area properly functioning.
Gold Nugget drop rate from certain creatures corrected to proper value (was 5x higher than it should of been) - Exiles etc.
Pair of iron fists now properly works for monks.
Master Arrow Quiver now properly enchants
Pyroblast and Necro dots will now require a target so that players can no longer cast it then jump into PZ
Grasping Enchant now does 50% the snare in PvP
Casting Lich form while stacked on players no longer gives them magic level buff as well


28 December 2016 (21:15) by Gamemaster Knighter

Were going to do the livestream Q&A Next Wednesday instead, additionally we will do a giveaway during the livestream and also show off the new awakened boots quests, new dungeons, and a few other features. There wasnt alot of questions this week so it would only end up being a few minutes long. This will allow us to show more during the livestream and answer a bigger handful of questions. So be sure to get your questions posted before next Wednesday! Additionally, patch notes for tomorrows patch will be added to the website later today (primarily dozens of fixes).

2x Weekend!

28 December 2016 (09:28) by Gamemaster Knighter

This Starts THURSDAY Already (12.29.16) at 21:00 CEST and lasts until Monday (01.02.17) 21:00 CEST
Players will have a 200% chance to get Stat Stones from Dungeon and Hardcore Dungeon Boxes, additionally, any player under Prestige 3 will receive 200% Increased Experience Rate!