Wikipedia Rewards

23 January 2017 (01:51) by Gamemaster Knighter

Wikipedia Winners + Bump of old post

Our Wikipedia page has grown vastly over the past 2 months thanks to contributions from many Archlighters! This is amazing for our community and the future growth of the server, as well as ease of access to finding information for new or existing players.

Below is a post from earlier in the era, for people who may of not seen it or didn't know about it. Additionally, the set of Wikipedia contributors who won are listed at the end. 

 To help encourage contributions to the wiki, every contribution you make to the wiki will give you 1 "Ticket" to a monthly prize for contributors. What this means is if you make 60 contributions, you will get 60 Tickets entered when we make the draw. This means any amount of contributing, small or large, will give you a chance to win! However the more you contribute the more chances you have! Additionally large contributions (Full page guide etc) net more tickets, such as 15-20.

We will do 5 draws and in order those 5 contributors will receive the following rewards -
1. Promotion Token + pack of 5 - 100% experience boosters + 520 points
2. Pack of 5 - 100% experience boosters + 520 points
3. 520 points
4. 520 points
5. 520 points

Ultimately though, we hope this is only one motivator, helping contribute to the wiki will only help grow and strengthen the server for years to come. We appreciate everyone and anyone who has this page open and adds little info or large info here and there to contribute :)

To contribute you simply must make a wiki account on that page, and then message me or Sajgon in our Discord group (with a PM) with your wiki username and we can approve you to make edits. Please have your username be the same as your name in Archlight so we can easily distribute contribution rewards!

Congratulations to the following winners and thank you for your work and contributions to making our Wikipedia a full knowledge center for all current and future players! We have doubled all the rewards listed for this set of contributions.

1. Gild - 2 Promotion Tokens, 10 - 100% boosters + 1040 points
2. MechaZero - 10 - 100% boosters + 1040 points
3. Dharma - 1040 points
4. Pharaoh - 1040 points
5. Archdevious - 1040 points

Please contact Knighter on Discord with your character name to collect your rewards!

Lets Continue To Grow and Build Archlight Together!


22 January 2017 (18:59) by Reeas

Mini-Patch Notes

- Channel Events are no longer being sent to the Loot Channel.
- Upgrading a wand or rod from now on will result into increased magic attack.
- Addressed an issue with free stat points every hundredth level.

Awakening Boots

21 January 2017 (23:07) by Gamemaster Knighter

First Awakening Boots Attempt - Failed on Final Boss - January 21st 2017


21 January 2017 (22:25) by Gamemaster Knighter

Mini-Patch Notes

None Prestige Rifts Fixed
Afk-Bot Checker timer changed from 5 minutes to 10. On Archlight we've always wanted to allow players to multi-task playing Archlight, while doing other things such as a game of league, homework, watching a movie, etc. Our goal is simply to prevent fully afk botters (while theyre out for the night, sleeping, working, etc)
Afk-Bot Checker will now send a private message to the player as well.
TDM event fixed, all events will be live again.
Ability to purchase prestiges if you are 5+ working again.
The Ancient Leviathan summons now will attack separate targets if taunted to.

PvP Ladder reset, rewards to be given out tomorrow morning (PST).
Wiki rewards to be given out tomorrow morning as well, we will be doubling the prizes.
We are working on fixing up a few other things, more notes to come.

Patch Notes

21 January 2017 (03:51) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes - January 20th 2017

You can read an extended description of the patch notes in our developers post below, but this is what was added in today's patch.

- Added LMS, Warzones & Protector of Archlight Event.q
- Added Loot Channel.
- Anyone with a stat category below 80 in a PvP event will automatically have them boosted to 80.
- Receive 2 stat points every hundredth level starting from level 1000. These points can only be applied to stats below 30.
- Able to reset stats below 40 for free.
- Awakening Boots Quest Added
- Awakening Boots added ingame for each vocation
- Find Person (exiva) has the possibility to mention whether the player is near a NPC or Monster.
- Automatic AFK Bot Checker Added
- 100 More farmlands.
- 11 More Legacy Houses Added

- Bereserker Soul Rune buffed by 425%
- Sorcerer Soul Rune buffed by 375%
- Druid Soul Rune buffed by 275%
- Archer Soul Rune scaling nerfed by 40%
- Guardian Soul Rune Healing buffed by 80%
- Removed Event Channel as it 'hides' messages.
- Bard's can self-boost with their party spell(s).
- Wands will now act like any other weapon, which essentially means their damage will scale depending on level and magic level.

- Non-field attacks will no longer deal any damage if the 'owner' is no longer present, or if you are in a protection zone.
- Resistance Scrolls.
- Blocking tiles in Snowball Event.
- Berserker & Mastermind Potions.

Facebook Giveaway!

19 January 2017 (16:41) by Gamemaster Knighter

AFK Bot Checker

17 January 2017 (01:02) by Gamemaster Knighter

Automatic AFK Bot Checker

In this Friday's Patch, to go along with the insane amount of other content, we will also be implementing an Automatic AFK Bot Checker. Players who have been gaining experience for 1h-2h (random interval) will receive a message in a new channel (channel will open automatically) saying the player is required to complete an !afkcheck. Players then have up to 5 minutes to complete this afkcheck by finding a safe area, saying !afkcheck and selecting the appropriate answer to a math question like shown in the example below.

By answering this you can freely continue hunting for another set interval of time (1-2h). However, if you fail to select the correct answer, or do not attempt to answer at all, your character will receive a white skull.

This will allow players to somewhat self-govern themselves.

We are excited and optimistic about this new change, despite it possibly having some shortcomings (like all attempts to eradicate afk botters do). We feel this change will drastically prevent complete afk botters, while still allowing people to have some freedom in terms of doing other activities while completing tasks and such.

New Tutors!

14 January 2017 (00:31) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations and Welcome to the 4 New Tutors -
Zig Zag

Thank you to all who applied to become a Tutor! We had a whopping 43 people apply to become a Tutor. Please understand we appreciate all applications, if you didn't get selected this time definitely enter again next time! Its stiff competition but we notice people who are loyal.

~Archlight Team