2x Week Starts Early!

20 May 2017 (01:16) by Gamemaster Knighter

2x Week + New Player 6x Catchup Mechanic Starts tomorrow morning 9am Instead of Monday :)
The Content Patch will still happen Monday.

To go along with our 200% increased chance to get Stat Stones from Dungeon and Hardcore Dungeons, we are also doubling the chance to get Legendary and Rune Soils from Archlight Lootcrates! Additionally, every lootcrate opened will have a free bonus stat stone for all of 2x week!

Patch 7.1.0

16 May 2017 (01:17) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 7.1.0
Monday May 22nd

Global 2x Experience Boost from Monday May 22nd-29th
3x Experience Catchup Mechanic Added (this means 6x Experience for players Prestige 3 or Below!)
Prestiges 1-3 are 50% Cheaper
2x Stat Stones from Dungeons!

Dungeon Que Finder System
If you ever played World of Warcraft, it is very similar to that, with the option to que for specific dungeons that fit your level range, upon finding a total of 3 people for a dungeon, you will receive a 120 second warning and then be teleported in with your group to the dungeon.

Dungeon Charge System
Essentially, this will allow players to generate charges for each dungeon if they do not complete a dungeon after 9 hours. As you all know, players can repeat a dungeon every 6 hours. Essentially, this will mean if you don't repeat one within 9 hours, you get a charge for it. This means that you can do this dungeon an extra time "for free" without impeding your current cooldown. We are adding this system as a benefit to players who perhaps work throughout the day, or are only able to get online once a day in the evening, this will allow them to have a nice catchup mechanic for their dungeons they missed, while still benefitting the player who is on to do his/her dungeons every 6 hours. Essentially this means, you can sleep, go to work, and come home and will have 2 free charges for each dungeon available to you :)

Three New Dungeons Added
These are only accessible through the Dungeon Finder

You will no longer "Die" in Abaldar's Mansion or Dracona's Lair but instead be tp'd out like dieing in a dungeon.

Abaldar's Mansion and Dracona's Lair will now have shortcuts back to the boss fight once the boss is summoned.

Berserker Changes
Bleeds will now Stack with eachother
Bleeds will now deal a % of the spells damage done, instead of a flat amount
Base damage of Berserker spells increased, overall scaling slightly lowered, this essentially should not adjust top tiered berserker DPS, but increase low/mid tier berserker DPS
Assault is being changed to fulfill a more "offtank" spec.
Rage will remain the DPS-focused spec.

Monk Changes
Monks can now consume their elementals for a short 30s buff based on the elemental they have consumed. When an elemental is consumed, their summon spell is put on a 30s cooldown.
Water Spirit - Increases attack speed by 35%
Earth Spirit - Increases resistance by 20%
Energy Spirit - Makes attacks deal energy element damage
Fire Spirit - Makes attacks deal fire element damage

We will be starting to use Patch Numbers again properly, making it easier to look back at patch history on the Wikipedia.
Gild has been promoted the Admin of the Wikipedia
Sajgon has joined the development team for a website + youtube position.
We will be pumping out youtube tutorial videos on many things on Archlight that feel confusing even despite a text guide.

Please remember all numbers are subject to possible change based on further balance tests :)

New Tutors!

15 May 2017 (22:36) by Gamemaster Knighter

Well guys, we had over 60 applications in 3 days, and have accepted these 4 as new tutors on Archlight Online!

Congratulations to:
News Archive

Please know, we had a very large pool of applicants, if we didn't accept you, this could of been from many, many factors, it doesn't necessarily mean you we're not fit for the job, but maybe someone was more fit in our eyes. The best way to encourage the chance of you getting a tutorship in the future is by being active in the help and discord chat :)

Thanks to all who entered an application!

Tutor Applications!

12 May 2017 (20:55) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey Archlighters! Want a chance to help the community? Have a special orange font ingame? Tutor Tag on Discord? Now's your chance to apply!

To apply, copy the following and answer it out and then send your application to archlightonline@gmail.com

Name Ingame:
Languages Spoken:
Since when have you played Archlight:
Why do you think you would be a good tutor:
What do you think being a tutor involves:
Do you actively use our Discord Group:

We generally get a lot of applications so make sure yours is concise and clear.
Best of luck!

Patch Notes 05.11.17

11 May 2017 (07:42) by Gamemaster Knighter

Mini-Patch 05.11.17 (Coming in morning)

Melee Vocations have received a further buff to 25% total resistance in close combat PvE
No-PvP Zones (Dungeons, Dracona's Lair, Abaldar's Mansion) will now allow you to walk ontop of other players.
2 of Abaldar's Boss Mechanics have been re-done to be smaller AOE's and hit less tiles.
Requirement of creature materials to unlock each floor reduced.
9 Craftable backpacks have been added to Tanning. These backpacks will increase your skill level from anywhere from 2 > 22!
An issue with bosses and dungeons fixed.
A few map bugs fixed up.

Patch Notes 05.10.17

09 May 2017 (21:23) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes - Abaldar's Mansion Content Patch 05.10.17

Abaldar's Mansion Content Released. This will cycle at a random variable of time like Dracona's Lair. It has 4 mini bosses and 1 final boss which drops very rare loot (similar to Dracona) and the T5 helmet (Abaldar's Hat).
Abaldar's Hat added to game (T5 helmet)
Monk's, Berserkers and Guardians now have a 15% base resistance to all PvE damage. This will have no affect on PvP. We feel this is a neccesary boost to help allow and encourage melee dps to fight in close quarters, however not interfere with the balance of PvP.
Prismatic Set increased from 12 Skill Value > 15, Resistance from 5 > 6, Monster Essence from 3 > 4
Ogre Tools can now be exchanged for several items at an NPC on the top floor of the depot
Necromancer Soul Rune now deals Poison Damage
Monster Tier 3 and Tier 2 now sellable to Lorial (1.1kk and 150k per piece)

Abaldar's Mansion

08 May 2017 (10:03) by Gamemaster Knighter

Abaldar's Mansion Releases 05.10.17

Teaser + Discussion on our livestream on May 9th

Account Security

05 May 2017 (19:36) by Gamemaster Knighter

We are not responsible when your account is hacked. It is Your responsibility to keep your account information safe. We will keep it safe on our end. If you are hacked, we cannot recompensate your items, donation points, or character. 99% of characters are hacked not from a keylogger, but simply due to using the same account and pass (or even just account name) on more than one server or on a forum. There are many SHITTY OT owners out there that will release their database, sell it, or use it to steal accounts on other games.

This is basic password protection and should always be excercised to be on the side of caution.