New Companion Bonuses

03 June 2017 (23:07) by Gamemaster Knighter

~*~Free Donation Bonuses~*~

From June 3rd - June 24th all donations of 159.99 receive a FREE

Grim Reaper Companion (+2 to ALL stats - this can go above the max stat capp)


Penguin Companion (+25% gold nugget find)

+ PLUS +

a FREE 1 month of premium

Patch 7.3.0

02 June 2017 (11:04) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 7.3.0
goes live Saturday 12pm PST (21:00 CEST)

Awakening Tomes Released
Awakening Tomes we're added to make the spell upgrade version of prestiging a bit more interesting and customizable. Everytime you prestige you will be given one Awakening Point. This can be used to "Awaken" a spell. Every spell can hold up to 5 points. Each point will increase its performance by 5% (to a total of 25%). Once a spell has been fully Awakened (5/5 points) it will also have an additional ability change. An example of an awakened spell for berserker is strong spinning blades, once fully awakened it will spin a second time dealing 50% extra damage, pyroblast awakened will apply a burning flame on the target for 2 seconds dealing a % of the spells damage. We have decided to keep the actual amount and exact numbers secret for awakening spells, however they will have a description of roughly what they do.
For now we will be releasing 5 awakening spells for each vocation, one for each spec, one healing, and two misc ones. In the future we plan to add more awakening spells so each vocation has 7-10 they can awaken.
Players will be given one awakening point per prestige level they are.
Players will earn one awakening point pet prestige level they achieve.
Awakening Tomes will not be sold or in lootcrates but strictly in game.
Awakening Tomes will be purchasable with an in-game/non-shop currency being explained and released in the near future.
Awakening Reset Potions can be purchased from the store if you screw up.
Spec related awakening spells will be able to be reset for free so when you change specs you can reallocate those freely.

2 New Companions will join the Archlight Family 

these will be bonus donation items - Info to be released on Saturday.

3 New Companions to be released next patch through in-game quests + content.

Near Future Release
Just so everyone knows, after this patch we may be slightly quiet for a week or max two week period. This is to prepare a massive upcoming update for Archlight. We will be putting together two videos explaining the future, what's to come, and ultimately hype trailers for it. We could do a simple text teaser about it, but to be honest, it is such a big step for Archlight that we really want to fully explain it in a video. Just know, we're cooking something up.... and you should be fuckin stoked.

Archlight Merch!?

31 May 2017 (08:12) by Gamemaster Knighter

Archlight Merch! Take a vote -


31 May 2017 (00:10) by Gamemaster Knighter

Welcome to our new Lead Game Client Developer Jasminko to the Team -

Little tease of what's coming up ;) more info to come in a video.

Mini-Patch 7.2.3

29 May 2017 (11:47) by Gamemaster Knighter

Mini-Patch 7.2.3 (Monday Morning PST)

We will be doing a quick patch for the following Monday Morning
Fixed an issue with haste scaling (no amounts we're nerfed, but a bug occurring from stacking haste has been fixed)
Necromancer Healing Ritual now also heals a percentage of their max health pool. Level scaling also increased by 50%. This will allow the heal to scale more, and be roughly an 80% increase in healing for higher tier players.
2x Event ends :'(

Improved/Master Spells Removed, Replaced with Awakening Tomes
Also, to expand upon Improved and Master spells being removed... (Coming this Saturday's Patch) They we're removed to make way for our new, more fun, unique, and less bland Spell Awakening System. Essentially, every time you prestige you will be given one Awakening Point. This can be used to "Awaken" a spell. Every spell can hold up to 5 points. Each point will increase its performance by 5% (to a total of 25%). Once a spell has been fully Awakened (5/5 points) it will also have an additional ability change. We wont be teasing all of them, but an example of one (and some will be shown on the way to Saturday but the berserker spinning blades once fully awakened will spin a second time to deal additional damage, pyroblast awakened will apply a burning flame on the target for 2 seconds dealing a % of the spells damage, just to give an example of two).

For this Saturday each vocation will have 5 different spells they can awaken. We will expand that to most likely 7 in the future. But for now there will be 5 for each class.

We do not plan to sell Awakening Tomes, or add them to loot crates. They will be earned strictly in game (very difficult to earn) and from an upcoming system we are adding in place which will be announced in the next couple weeks in a YouTube teaser.

Hotfix Patch 7.2.2

28 May 2017 (00:33) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 7.2.2 (hotfix)

Fixed pz bug where people don't lose pz caused by this patch

Improved and Master spells have been removed for now, we planned to do this in the upcoming patch but due to issues we're having currently with them we are just removing them now already. We are implementing a new Tome system that will allow players to selectively upgrade spells you want, additionally being able to awaken them once 5 tomes are added to a spell to make it have a new unique mechanic to it. More info about this will come out in the next couple days and be released this upcoming Saturday's Patch. Tome's are earned by prestiging and players will receive tomes based on their prestige rank on the patch.

Patch Notes 7.2.1

25 May 2017 (20:04) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 7.2.1 (Live FridaySaturday)
The patch was pushed back to Saturday instead of Friday as we're making MANY more balance changes and fixes, and re-overhauling many unused spells, cluttered spells, and mechanics.

We have updated our account recovery system to be much more effective and not require a character name to recover an account.
We have added 2-factor authentication to accounts if you want extra security.
Change Lord of the Elements corpse to one that doesn't disapear as fast.
Fixed an issue with vocations attack speed (monks and berserkers attacking too slow).
We have reworked the !power formula to be much more accurate on someones actual power. We plan to use this alot more in future content and as an indicator of someones strength. It currently is only used for bragging rights and balancing in PvP Events.
Fixed an issue with a hole disapearing during the Mechanical Fishing Rod Quest.
Archlight Tokens will now be given out +20 minutes from when a player logs in, not globally, this will prevent a mini lag spike when theyre handed out.
Players are now removed from dungeon que when they logout or die.

Berserker Changes
High Velocity Throw no longer shares cooldown with whirlwind throw
High Velocity Throw damage increased by 12%

Guardian Changes
Strong Sunfire, Ultimate Sunfire, Strong Sunfire Missile, Ultimate Sunfire Missile have been removed. Sunfire and Sunfire Missile have been buffed accordingly.
The DOT from Sunfire and divine missile now applies based on a % of the damage of the spell, thus allowing it to scale lategame better.

Archer Changes
Deep breath buff duration changed from 3s to 4s.
Deep breath no longer shares a cooldown with aim.
Energy Shot and Energy Cannon removed.

Monk Changes
Monks health gained per level increased from 45-60 per level. This wont take into affect on existing levels, however when you prestige and get those levels again it will.
This will also increase the amount they heal from healing spells as many of them are % max health based.
Monks Strong and Ultimate kicks have been removed. Normal kicks have had their damage increased to be the damage of the ultimate kicks.
Doubled the % health based healing of quick prayer.
Removed Whirlwind Kick

Bard Changes
Strong and Ultimate music strike removed, normal music strike has been buffed by 2000% making it hit slightly harder than bard wave.
Final Note has been buffed by 75% to act as a stronger version but higher cooldown version of music strike.
Sound Explosion damage increased by 105%.
Lightstorm now hits 25% more tiles on average increasing its chance of hitting.
Divine Circles duration increased from 10>15 seconds.
Final Lights healing increased by 27.5%

Necromancer Changes
Death Wave damage increased by 300%. Cooldown increased from 2 seconds > 7 seconds.
Gathering Fear damage increased by 275%. Cooldown increased from 8 seconds > 15 seconds.
Unholy Shackles damage increased by 165%. Cooldown increased from 6 seconds > 10 seconds.
Witchs Cauldron damage increased by 65%. Cooldown increased from 22 seconds > 30 seconds.

Sorcerer/Druid/Bard/Necromancer Changes
Strong and Ultimate Ice/earth/death/fire/electric strikes have all been removed from the game, normal strikes now deal the same damage as ultimate strikes.

Patch 7.2.0

22 May 2017 (09:18) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 7.2.0

Three New Dungeons Added

These are only accessible through the new Dungeon Finder

Dungeon Que Finder System - !dungeonfinder
If you ever played World of Warcraft, it is very similar to that, with the option to que for specific dungeons that fit your level range, upon finding a total of 3 people for a dungeon, you will receive a 120 second warning and then be teleported in with your group to the dungeon. Our 3 new dungeons are only accesible through the dungeon finder.

Dungeon Charge System
Essentially, this allows players to generate charges for each dungeon if they do not complete a dungeon after 9 hours. As you all know, players can repeat a dungeon every 6 hours. Essentially, this means if you don't repeat one within 9 hours, you get a charge for it. This means that you can do this dungeon an extra time "for free" without impeding your current cooldown. We are adding this system as a benefit to players who perhaps work throughout the day, or are only able to get online once a day in the evening, this will allow them to have a nice catchup mechanic for their dungeons they missed, while still benefitting the player who is on to do his/her dungeons every 6 hours. Essentially this means, you can sleep, go to work, and come home and will have 2 free charges for each dungeon available to you :)

You will no longer "Die" in Abaldar's Mansion or Dracona's Lair but instead be tp'd out like dieing in a dungeon.
Abaldar's Mansion and Dracona's Lair will now have shortcuts back to the boss fight once the boss is summoned.
Chance to get T4 from dungeon chest increased by 95%
DailyChef Tasks, DailyFishing Tasks shards given as reward increased from 3 > 6
Mining Task Deathstrike required kill count lowered from 10 > 2
Cooldowns of the mining tasks lowered from 4 > 2
Kill Count required lowered by 40%
Experience Boost has been lowered slightly, it was far too high with both compounding bonuses.

Berserker Class Changes:
Bleeds now Stack with eachother
Bleeds now deal a % of the spells damage done, instead of a flat amount
Base damage of Berserker spells increased, overall scaling slightly lowered, this essentially doesn't change the dps of top tier berserkers, but brings up the dps of new/less geared berserkers.
Assault is now a more "tank spec"
Rage will remain the DPS-focused spec.
Whirlwind throw damage increased by 50%.
Whirlwind throw now applies a DOT.
Standoff now heals 4% of the berserkers max health pool every second for 10 seconds.
Savagery now heals 5% of the berserkers max health pool every second for 3 seconds.
Precision Slice now increases the berserkers resistance by 10% when used on a creature.
New spells added for Assault Berserker
Precision Throw - Same as whirlwind throw but heals the user for 5% of their max health on use.
Demand an Opponent - Larger AOE Challenge (not as big as guardians, but 2x2 instead of the 1x1).
Relentless Rage damage increased by 10%

Monk Class Changes:
Monks can now consume their elementals for a short 30s buff with the spell Spura Absorb based on the elemental they have consumed. When an elemental is consumed, their summon spell is put on a 30s cooldown.
Water Spirit - Increases attack speed by 35%
Earth Spirit - Increases resistance by 20%
Energy Spirit - Makes attacks deal energy element damage
Fire Spirit - Makes attacks deal fire element damage

Summer Prestige Bundle has been added - Due to high demand, we have made an easy all-in prestige bundle. I know many of you have been asking for the old bundles but this is our mid-way! You can get these bundles under Donate > Bundles :) Enjoy you savages!

Thank you so much from the Archlight Dev team for all your continued support. We are continuing to work round the clock to make Archlight better, larger, and more exciting.