Launch Bonus!

28 July 2017 (00:08) by Gamemaster Knighter

The first 100 donations will automatically
receive 25% extra coins to there regular donation!

We cant even say how many man hours we have put into the ArchClient and this season and all it's new content. We appreciate all of you that support us and allow us to continue to make this bigger and better. This bonus is a thank you to the first 100 who support us. When the bonus is no longer available it will be removed from the description on the donate page.

Season 1 - FAQ

24 July 2017 (23:48) by Gamemaster Knighter

Season One FAQ

Q: When does the season start?
A: July 28th, 9:00AM PST (12:00 EST / 18:00 CEST)

Q: Do I have to make a new account to play in the season?
A: Yes, you must create a new account to be eligible to make a seasonal character. If you don't, your character will simply login the main Archlight World.

Q: When can I download the client?
A: The ArchLauncher/Client will be available for download on July 27th

Q: How long is a season?
A: A season lasts 4-8 weeks, this depends on the progression rate, we aim for future seasons to last 8 weeks each, and release a new season with all unique new content every 12-16 weeks.

Q: What happens to our characters when a season ends?
A: When the season ends, all seasonal characters are added to the Archlight World. You can choose whether to keep your character and play it, or disenchant it, which strips the character of all it's experience, stats, skills and equipment, putting it on scrolls. These scrolls can then be redeemed on your old or main character.

Q: How do we get Seasonal Badges? What are they for?
A: Seasonal Badges are awarded at the end of a season based on how many Achievement Points you have earned that season. This is a scaling amount. What this means is if you have 25 achievement points, you will earn 25 seasonal badges, however, if you have 100 achievement points, you will earn 150 seasonal badges, if you have 175 points, you will earn 350 badges. Seasonal badges can be spent at an NPC at the end of a season to buy powerful items, upgrades, and cosmetics.

Q: Can I play on main Archlight while playing the season?
A: Yes, you can play on both at the same time, however the IP limit of 4 characters at once still exists.

Q: Are experience rates the same as Archlight Main?
A: The experience rates on Archlight in general are being lowered. This is due to us no longer prestiging characters, in which you play back from level 8 again. This means getting to 2500 (Soft Capp, when players awaken) will take much longer than before. You will notice this in the Season. However, in the season, you awaken at level 1500 already.

Q: When will the $1000 Tournament Be?
A: The $1000 Tournament is split over 2 days. August 19th and 20th. The prizepool is split over 2 separate events. $500 in prizes on each day. The first day of the tournament is a template character 4v4 tournament, in which competitors are given characters with the same stats, equipment, skills and level. Teams can only have 1 of each vocation max. The second day (20th) players use their seasonal characters, in teams of 4, any vocation combo they wish and compete for a second $500 of prizes!

Archlight Servers

21 July 2017 (01:53) by Gamemaster Knighter

The Archlight Servers are going down for 7 days to prepare for Season 1 at 10:00am PST July 21st.

Season 1 and regular Archlight share the same world, this includes connection limits, you can connect to both at the same time, however the max connections per IP still exists (which is 4). This means you can have your main character active on Archlight while playing the Season etc.

Thank you all and we look forward to July 28th!!

Corsair + Season Video

18 July 2017 (00:14) by Gamemaster Knighter

Corsair + Rogue + Season Ramblings and Short Q&A

Season 1 - July 28th

13 July 2017 (22:30) by Gamemaster Knighter

Season 1 Releases July 28th. 9AM PST / Noon EST / 18:00 CEST

Here are some teaser screenshots to wet ur beak ;)

Pirates Teaser

14 June 2017 (02:15) by Gamemaster Knighter

Subscriber Mailing List

12 June 2017 (23:21) by Gamemaster Knighter

We have added a new Archlight Subscriber List!

This is free, and can simply be done by going to Manage Your Account, Settings, and checking the box Subscribe.

We will not be sending any spam through this, emails will be infrequent, and when they are sent, they will have a purpose. We plan to use this strictly for big announcements, promotions and free giveaways to Subscribers. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

So if you wanna win free shit, Subscribe Now!

Hotfix patch 7.3.1

04 June 2017 (02:33) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hotfix patch 7.3.1

Fixed the awakened bard aoe size
Awakening Witch's Hourglass now properly applies 1 more dot
Levitate fixed
Healing Ritual Fixed
Strong Evocation Fixed
Issue with trinkets and their gems fixed
Issue with refreshing amulets/rings fixed.

Additionally, remember awakening spells are new, they may be nerfed, buffed, based on what we feel. Please do not spam us with "OMG this one SUCKS, I HATE MY VOC NOW CAUSE (INSERT VOC HERE)'s is BETTER. We will do our best to make sure they are all balanced with time. But we don't change things instantly on the fly, we like to gather adequate information before we make changes.