Patch 10.4.0 + Christmas Boost

13 December 2017 (02:23) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 10.4.0
(Live Now)

Weapons, Rune Emblems and Soul Runes Max Upgrade Increased
Weapons and Armors can now be upgraded to +40 max by using Awakened Stones. Additionally Soul Runes can be upgraded to +25 and Rune Emblems to +15 using Awakened Stones as well. Awakened Stones can also upgrade Weapons, Armors, Soul Runes and Rune Emblems will upgrade these with a 100% success rate from +25-+30, +15-+20, +8-+10 in order. After that their success rate drops.
Awakened Stones can be obtained through Tier 3 or higher Quest Boxes. 
Additionally, in replacement of the booster pack promotion, any donation of 79.99 or 159.99 will come with 4 / 10 awakened stones as a free bonus. You are still able to choose wings or a christmas bed instead if you prefer. 
Additionally, Christmas Beds will be added ingame from Tanning.

Santa Claus (Free Gifts To All)
Also, for the holidays (rest of December) we have added a Santa Claus NPC in the Depot. He will give players 1 stat point every 6 hours on Archlight. Additionally we will be working on adding some christmas raids/events in the next few days :)

Weapon Exchange + Rune Exchange Tokens Added to Store + Blacksmithing/Alchemy
Weapons can now be exchange after a voc change with a Weapon Exchange Token for 0 blacksmithing at the Blacksmithing station. Additionally, Runes can be exchanged at the Alchemy station. These are sold separately from vocation changes (the reason vocation changes we're made 50% cheaper).

Class Balances
Berserker Changes
The health scaling of Exura Ico for Berserkers has been increased from 1% to 2% (for lategame zerkers, this is virtually a 100% healing buff)

Monk Changes
Monk Summons have been further buffed by 75% based on your power scaling. What this means is they will scale 75% harder based on your characters power.

The buff from absorbing earth spirits have been increased from
5% > 15%
10% > 20%
15% > 25%
20% > 30%
This is to increase the tankiness of monks during boss fights and large scale pvp.

The buff from absorbing water spirits have been increased from
10% > 25%
15% > 30%
25% > 35%
35% > 40%
This is to improve Monk's DPS.

We are currently preparing a rework for Fire and Energy summons + absorption.

Patch 10.3.0 Additions + Promo

07 December 2017 (10:02) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 10.3.0 Additions + Promo
Beds will now charge 1 energy every 6 minutes instead of 10 every 60 minutes.
42 Boss/Creature Mechanics using all new custom sprited animations have been added to all the new creatures.
Automatic Vocation Change Scrolls have been added to the game. This will allow you to purchase the scroll, and vocation change by yourself whenever you want (must be out of combat) instead of waiting for a staff to change.
Vocation Change Scroll Cost lowered from 2730 points > 1750 points. 
You will now no longer be able to enter a Lord Ritual if you died during the fight.

All donations of 159.99 will now receive their choice of Balloon "Wings" or a Christmas Bed Mask! These Balloons add the same Movement Speed buff that wings do. Float on off do so in a comedic style!

The Christmas Bed Mask can be applied to your Bed to double the rate it regenerates energy, additionally increasing the amount of energy the bed can hold from 240 > 480!

Patch 10.3.0

05 December 2017 (08:55) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 10.3.0 (December 7th)
Currently all things below are planned to be in this patch, but please understand complications can arise, things can be delayed, but this is our plan on release.
The Otherworld Quests (4 of them) Released
Each of these quests have a 72 hour quest box at the end, but more importantly also grant access to their respectively otherworld hunting ground. These hunting grounds contain many different creatures that offer very good loot drops and high yielding experience creatures.

Jorus Quest Remastered
Jorus has been remastered and repurposed an a lategame quest to succeed the Iceforged Quest. This quest will have a 72 hour quest box but more importantly will give you the Wand of Jorus. This Wand can be consumed to grant access to The Otherworlds. 

New Leaderboard Additions (More Bragging Rights)
New Categories added including... Professions highscores, Most Companions owned, Most Mounts owned, Most Addons owned, Guild - With Sub-Categories... Guild Level, Guild Total Power, Guild Average Power of Members)

New "Wings" Released

Dont like wings? Upgrade to some hot air balloons to fulfill your movement speed dreams.

Crafting Changes
Farms will now be 20% the cost.
The energy required for farming (Planting and Gathering) has been increased by 300%. The Amount of Farming Skill gained and the Amount of Crops you retrieve from harvesting them has also been increased by 300%.

Guild Changes
The top 5 ranked guilds on Archlight (based on Guild Level) will now display badges for their members. The #1 Rank Guild will have the badge displayed below. 

You will now be able to see which Guild Perks your Guild has purchased.

Misc Changes

Casting a heal on someone else will no longer work from a protection zone, this is to prevent people from MCing characters to heal themselves from PZ. 
A added in front of the level of Awakened Players to better display that they are indeed awakened.
Stages have been added to awakening experience, to better scale the experience from monsters for high level awakened players (making hunting more relevant). They will scale at roughly the same rate that crafting and dungeoning does for an awakened player.

Legacy System Rework

04 December 2017 (07:14) by Gamemaster Knighter

To Catch Everyone Up:
We have received many, dozens, of private messages today regarding the Legacy System, unfortunatly, it is being delayed a bit longer, this is due to the nature of our entire rework from scratch, however, as an apology (as we hate delays, and unfortunately this is our first of the Era...) we want to make right by compensating everyone. As compensation for the wait, we will be increasing the amount of legacy tokens by 10% flat for everyone. Please understand we could have easily just avoided doing this remake, and given out the same basic rewards, but we feel this improvement to the system is much needed, and will make it better for everyone, I hope you trust why we need the time to finish the ground-up rework.

The Rework:
1. There is 100 total Legacy Levels
2. The amount of Legacy Experience needed per level has been drastically lowered, additionally the escalation rate by going up levels has been drastically lowered (this will mean there are less massive gaps between getting your next rewards).
3. Instead of getting flat items when you hit a Legacy Level, you will get Legacy Coins. 
4. Legacy Coins will be a database stored currency (not an item ingame) that can be spent on a seperate shop panel of the Archlight Shop
5. Legacy Coins can be used to purchase anything you want from a specific list, and as much as you want of each. This means now instead of getting things you may not care about, or need, you can buy specifically what you want and need, or what has the most trade value.
6. The shop will include things such as Legendary Soils, Soul Soils, Large Stat Stones, Archlight Keys and even some Cosmetic Things

This is at the top of our priority list and we can are working hard to get this in ASAP.

House Contest Winners #3

04 December 2017 (03:03) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the House Contest Winners for our Week 3! 
For those of you wont don't know, every 7 days (on Sundays) the CM's go around town, pick their favorite 30+ houses, and we do a large vote on which we think the nicest house is that week! We will be doing this each and every week for November and December! First place this week receives 1000 Archlight Coins! Additionally both 1st, 2nd and 3rd places receive a Blade in Stone (House Contest Winner Deco). If someone won one week, they cannot win the next week, however they can win the weeks after again! (This only applies for 1st and 2nd Place)

Congratulations to 1st place - Unix who wins 1000 Coins + Blade in Stone! (We understand the nature of this house design, but we're not PC 13 year olds, the style of decoration itself was very well done)
(Spoiler, as the emblem may be offensive to some people who lived through the holocaust or like to project something they have never actually had to live through)

show spoiler

Congratulations to 2nd place - Malakz who wins 500 Coins + Blade in Stone!

Congratulations also to 3rd place - Dokinhu who wins a Blade in Stone!

Patch 10.2.0

29 November 2017 (05:47) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 10.2.0 (Friday December 1st)

Lord Rituals are instanced arena fights against 1 of 5 different Lords. There are 2 optional alters, one for guilds, and one for freelancers "a single player". Every 23 hours, you can do 1 Ritual for each the guild alter and the freelance alter. Ritual Lords require a minimum amount of Gold to be summoned, Guild Lords require 1kk minimum, and Freelance Lords 250k minimum. By base, these Lords will drop 10 and 2 Lord Bags. These Lord Bags can hold many different things, including stat stones, legendary upgrade stones, large stat stones, rare outfits (retro outfits) and mounts, and even some companions. Ritual Lords however can become stronger than their minimum amount. All Guild Members (or single players for the solo Lords) can sacrifice gold to continue to increase the Lord's strength. For every 100k gold added, he gains 1 Lord Bag to his loot, but he also gains 25% damage and 8% health. What this means is powerful guilds are able to create larger Lord's for more loot, and smaller guilds are able to still kill Lord's daily. Due to the nature of their loot, Lord's should be killed whenever their cooldown is up.. however, you may find a benefit to waiting for more members to be online, to fight a harder Lord, with a larger loot pool!
Each Lord has it's own unique mechanics, the Lord you are sacrificing to will be noted when you start sacrificing gold to them.

3 New Devil Wings

These 3 are just a preview, they will be even more refined before Friday
One of these (you choose) will be gifted to you for free whenever you donate 159.99
In the near future we will be adding a few new things to wings to make them a bit more unique how they handle ingame ;)

3 New Angel Wing Colors Added
Purple, Green and Orange Angel Wings have been added and are now options when you donate 159.99

ArchBot Changes
Save and Load function added
Directional Spells should now properly work and not kick players

ArchClient Changes
Emotes have been added in-game! They can be used by saying "emote(emotename)" example - "emotesmile"

New Warning Tiles for boss and special mechanics, this is much easier to see in the midst of a fight and gives a much better warning to players.
Forsaken Outfit Colors now properly apply
Magic Wall no longer displays a pillar in the sprite

Additional Patch Notes
Chat will now display your awakening level if you have awakened
Heavy Shield (other related spells are fixed, there was a duration bug)
Enflaming Enchantment has been nerfed by 34.5%
Enhanced Enflaming Enchantment has been nerfed by 32.5%
The enraging enchantment animation has been changed from turning you into a large minotaur to adding a custom enraging character effect over you for the duration
A 120s delay has been added to the spawning of Raid Bosses - This is to allow people to have 2 minutes to get to the portal before the boss fight starts
Hardcore Forsaken Dragon Boss Spell Nerfed by 25%
Water Guardian + Massive Water Guardians Health nerfed by 10%, damage nerfed by 20%
Renegade boots now give speed
Enchantment on Darksteel Bow now works properly
Awakening Experience Gained from Gathering and Crafting increased by 2000% (20x) We wanted to add experience gained from crafting/gathering to allow players to actually use this as an avenue to level, the amount it yielded was far, far, far... too low. This change will allow players to make better use of their energy for leveling as well.
Additional patch notes - Buying a house now requires level 1500 (this is to weed out people who are mcing some houses despite the high rental cost)Houses now auto clean every 10 days if a player hasn't logged in.
We have reworked White Skull, you now will lose white skull even if you are killing/hunting monsters. Due to our respawn system losing a white skull was virtually impossible in some locations. However, if someone is attacking you you will keep the skull.
Vocation Change Scrolls have gone up 550 points in price, however they now include the changing of your Rune Emblems and also 1 Weapon.
Companions now are properly working in the loot table of the quest and greater dungeon bosses. They are a 1/250 chance to drop without any looting bonuses.

House Contest #2 Winners!

26 November 2017 (22:16) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the THREE House Contest Winners for our Week 2! 
For those of you wont don't know, every 7 days (on Sundays) the CM's go around town, pick their favorite 10-15 houses, and we do a large vote on which we think the nicest house is that week! We will be doing this each and every week for November and December! This week we decided to giveaway 2 Pairs of Wings! Additionally all top 3 places receive a Blade in Stone (House Contest Winner Deco). If someone won one week, they cannot win the next week, however they can win the weeks after again! (This only applies for 1st and 2nd Place)

Congratulations to 1st place - Angel who wins his choice of Wings + Blade in Stone!

Congratulations to 2nd place - Pistaszek who wins his choice of Wings + Blade in Stone!

Congratulations also to 3rd place - Tneuqerf who wins a Blade in Stone!

Black Friday Deals!

24 November 2017 (01:35) by Gamemaster Knighter

Note: Wings will be given back on launch day every era of Archlight.
All Wings Give The User +50 Movement Speed (This goes over the players max capped movement speed) giving you a swift edge in mobility.
Any donations of 159.99 may choose either pair of wings OR a backpack of free Archlight Keys.

This promotion is LIVE now, but the wings will be received when Patch 10.1.0 is live (November 23rd 11am PST).