Patch 9.0.7

19 September 2017 (03:09) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.0.7 (Coming Tuesday 9.19.17)

Promotion Buff Items will now properly work again
Tear of daraman, Cat's Paw, Mr. Punish's Handcuffs all now give the same adaptive skill, Cat's paw and Handcuffs removed from NPC as they don't serve a purpose.
Fixed issue with being able to move a chest in heroes quest
Sharptooth now allows rogues to obtain the daggers properly
Ravaging Crabs force spawn added
Sharptooth and Voodoo weapons now properly apply gems.
Both Druid Spec's can now use exevo ring
Enchanting Endgame Daggers now properly works
Protection Zone added to north part of quest room
Fixed issue with item needed for inferno and diamond mounts
Coal basins in voodoo quest can no longer be moved.

Patch 9.0.6

15 September 2017 (09:47) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.0.6 (Coming Saturday)
We have removed the strong buff scrolls from hardcore dungeons and from ingame stores.
Strong buff scrolls will no longer work on the patch. Please use them before then.
Increased the speed of Pets by 100%
Everblazing and Sharpwings pet released (Kickstarter pets, only 8 purchases of each will be available from the cosmetic shop).

Additions to things coming in Patch 9.1.0 (Teaser)

Tiered versions of Dungeon Boxes, Greater Dungeon Boxes and Mythic Quest Boxes. First off, this will mean when running basic dungeons (150-1500), you will receive better rewards based on the level requirement of the basic dungeon. 
Greater Dungeons will give you a different tier of chest based on the power rating you complete that dungeon at, increasing your chance at rarer rewards based on the difficulty of the Greater Dungeon completed.
Also, we will be adding Mythic Quest Boxes (tiered) to the more challenging team quests with a 48-72 hour cooldown. What this means is you will be rewarded with a very valuable chest box for completing story quests you have already completed. This will also allow newer players to join in on quests with experienced vets.

Repolishing and Shining Oils P

14 September 2017 (23:24) by Gamemaster Knighter

Repolishing and Shining Oils Promotion, Livestream Giveaway + Q&A and Extra Stats To Players Leveling Up

~Our new current promotion for the week of September 14th - 21st~
Any donation of 160e receive 15 Free Shining Oils and 15 Free Repolishing Oils
Any donation of 80e receive 5 Free Shining Oils and 5 Free Repolishing Oils

 Repolishing Oil  
This item can be used to reroll the rarity of a piece of equipment.

 Shining Oil
This item can be used to reroll the stats of a piece of equipment.

We got a lot of things to announce regarding our new systems and endgame quests we are releasing, most of which will be discussed in tomorrow's twitch Q&A Livestream! Which oh... We will be giving away a share of 25 Repolishing Oils and 25 Shining Oils to 5 Viewers!
Livestream will start tomorrow (Friday 09.15.17) at 11:30PST/2:30EST/20:30CEST for the pvp tournament, soon after we will do a Q&A and giveaways!

Patch 9.0.5

14 September 2017 (09:35) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.0.5 (Mini-patch)

Sharptooth Isle Quest Opened, the creatures have been revamped in terms of difficulty, it is now a 1500+ Quest (Large Team Based Quest).
Sharptooth Weapon Stats to show a couple
You see a sharptooth shield (Atk:78, Def:35)
You see a sharptooth staff (Magic Atk:78, Def:35)

Repolishing Oil and Shining Oil added - This will be added to certain means in-game in near future with new high level content we will be adding.
Repolishing Oil - This can be used to reroll the rarity of an item
Shining Oil - This can be used to reroll the stats of an item
The Daily Test of Strength NPC now rewards 2 stat points instead of 1.
We will be buffing Wild Boxes drop chance of Stat stones from 7% to 15% and upgrade stones from 6% to 10% chance also reducing the chance of only getting platinum coins. Both these changes are meant to help non-donors achieve full stats and upgraded weapons. This will be in effect next patch.
We have added in a new player catchup mechanic, this is primarily to compensate for the nerf to party hunting for those who are newer. You will now receive 200% bonus experience from creatures, tasks and dungeons while in the 33rd percentile of levels!All Heroes Quest Bosses Health reduced by 65%
Certain rift weapons adjusted to 76 attack, was a typo being 85.
Rift weapons will be made 75% cheaper. If you already have one please contact Gamemaster Knighter for compensation on your materials used. You must contact Staff BEFORE the patch goes through for compensation.

PvP Tournament Prizepool

13 September 2017 (21:17) by Gamemaster Knighter

PvP Tournament Prizepool

PvP Exclusive Outfit

Still WIP

Template Tournament Prizepool
1st - 5,000 points + Exclusive PvP Champion Outfit + Name added to in-game hall of fame statue permanently
2nd - 2,500 points
3rd - 1,000 points
4th-16th - 500 points per team that enters. (Total 6000 Points Available)
Standard Tournament
1st - 10,000 points + Exclusive PvP Champion Outfit + Name added to in-game hall of fame statue permanently
2nd - 5,000 points
3rd - 2,000 points
4th-16th - 600 points per team that enters. (Total 7200 Points Available)
If users are caught attempting to enter in more than one team per event their account will be banned.
PvP Champion Outfit can only be earned through Archlight PvP Events. This outfit will be account bound and given back in all future expansions to one of your characters. All members of a winning team will receive the outfit.
These rewards will be given to the team leader and he/she can split them 33/33/33 with his/her team or however they wish.

Patch 9.1.0 + Client Build 1.2

13 September 2017 (02:25) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.1.0 + Client Build 1.2.0

First off, we want to thank all of you for all your support so far on A New Dawn, this has without a doubt been our largest expansion ever, with a massive growth in daily unique players and all our social medias (facebook and discord) growing rapidly everyday.
Your support allows us to do what we do, and we always use it to improve Archlight for the future of the project. From taking a big stepping stone in developing our own standalone client, to the constant revamps of that client and the graphics ingame. We have always used our support directly towards improving Archlight, and continue to do that precisely.
Now to the big question, where is crafting and why wasn't it released yesterday.
I've been putting off responding to each message as I didn't want to repeat it 50 times an hour (quite literally), but I also wanted to take our time writing a reasonable post explaining why we delayed the release of crafting and gathering.
We could talk for hours about why, as our dev team has talked for hours about the changes.. but we will give you the short form.

Crafting System
We want crafting to feel like a true profession, this is your characters talent and his means of life. Not simply, okay I need to grind up this shitty system just to craft 1 thing I can use at the very end. We want crafting to become a dynamic part of the economy, and not just something you need a player for in the extreme late game and one time. We have learnt over the past two years that although players will complain when something isn't out in the short term, it's always better for the long term for us to take our times when developing something. What this means is careful planning on many aspects and not just finishing the code and releasing it. This has been a much bigger undertaking than we expected, trying to balance and adjust a progression curve for 7 different crafting activities is alot more time consuming than you would imagine. But that's precisely what we are wanting to do. We want to do it right from the first time, not play catchup on mistakes and adjustments to "mend" a faulty system. Our Mission Statement going into A New Dawn was any changes we make being with the intention of making this expansion the longest one yet, if not indefinite. With this expansion, our week 1 dropoff was extremely minimal compared to any other expansion, retaining the vast majority of new players who joined. We want to continue with this as a main focus.

Party System
Regarding the changes to the party system. We understand many of you are upset about the changes to the party system, but to be honest, this change had to happen. I want you guys to understand, as i mentioned, this was an immediate solution, and not the final one. It was neccesary to adjust the progress rate and way that players were leveling. We will be making neccesary changes to increase the rate newer and mid tier players level. This will include buffs to certain aspects of the solo-player game.

We will be posting a larger patch teaser in the next day or two. This will be for a new client build and massive content patch. This will include all crafting systems unlocked. This patch due to it's size will be 9.1.0. We do not have a firm ETA on the patch but are working aggresively to get it out as soon as possible. I have an ETA in mind but if I post it people will be upset if that is delayed due to unforseen issues (something that ye can happen pretty often in the game developement world).

New PvP + PvP-E System
Many have requested a pvp system that truely rewards and punishes players. So we took to the drawing boards and started planning a system that would reward pvp, punish losers, but also not be abusive. We will be posting the full details of this system in a patch teaser as well.

Developers Q&A - Friday After The Tournament
We will be livestreaming the pvp tournament, and right after the Template Character Tournament on Friday we will discuss all the details of the patch, and also as always be available to answer any questions. This is an oppertunity for you players to field your questions, and get a longer response from us as opposed to be text (which is generally a limited answer as it takes longer, and the question is usually asked by many people).

PvP Tournament Registration

13 September 2017 (00:04) by Gamemaster Knighter

PvP Tournament Rules

For both tournaments, you team must be present 30 minutes before the tournament starts for registration.
Your team must be registered within 24 hours of the tournament

Template Character Tournament (Friday 9.15.17)
Livecast on - 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 21:00 CEST
Registration: Teams of 3 Players. Each player must have a level 1500 in Archlight to enter the tournament.
Rules: Players will be given a template, 1500 character, with no awakening points. Each character will have 60 in 4 Primary Stats. All characters will have donation sets with +15 weapons. Each team will be given an account with 1 of each vocation. They are allowed to pick any 3 vocations (but no duplicates).

Standard Character Tournament (Saturday 9.16.17) 
Livecast on - 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 21:00 CEST
Registration: Teams of 3 Players. Each player must be level 1500 in Archlight to enter the tournament.
Rules: Players will use their own characters in this pvp tournament. Any combination of classes can be used.
Registration Form (This must be sent to with the Subject Title - Archlight PvP Tournament)
Template Tournament/Standard Tournament/Both - Pick one
Team Name:
Player Character Names:

Prizepool + Extra Prizes breakdown will be posted next couple days.

Patch 9.0.4

11 September 2017 (19:28) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.0.4

This quick patch is primarily to fix the lag issues, we will have a much larger post coming out later today/tomorrow regarding a massive upcoming patch and the details for the pvp tournament this weekend!
Parties will now have a max size of 10 players.
Parties will now receive an experience bonus for every single unique vocation, not just 4.
Dungeon window will now simply display Awk Lvl instead of Awakening Level to make the amount of players que'd more visible. This is temporary as we will be releasing a custom dungeon finder panel in the upcoming client build