Booster Packs + 9.3.0 Teaser

26 September 2017 (02:04) by Gamemaster Knighter

Archlight Online's Second Anniversary
We have been getting asked since last christmas when we will add in something like bundles again, so we have brought in 3 different tiers of Booster Packs. We thought Archlights Second Anniversary would be the perfect time to bring that in. For those of you who dont know, we recently had our Second Anniversary of our Archlight Launch 2 years ago (This is not including the 1.5 months of our first beta). We've come a long way and are happy to say we've had 99.98% uptime over those 2 years. And 99.98% of our days developing on Archlight ;). It has Been quite a ride, we're all very excited to see where we are in another 2 years! This backpack will not be added to the promotion shop, and you will receive this back each era, we want this to remain something exclusive to those who we're around for our second anniversary! This was custom sprited by our talented sprited Erick Etchebeur. This Anniversary Backpack will come free with every Dragon Booster Pack.

Our 2nd Anniversary Backpack has the following stats:
+21 Skill Value
3% Resistance
3% Monster Essence Find 

Many have been asking Era after Era for us to bring back Bundles, so we have finally brought them back as Booster Packs. You can now purchase Three different Booster Packs from the Donate Tab (Select Booster Packs instead of Donation Points). We have released 3 different tiers of Booster Packs including -

Gold Booster Pack

Mythril Booster Pack

Dragon Booster Pack.

Patch 9.3.0 Teaser (Scholomance Monastary will be released in 9.4.0 Patch, we have instead done 5 new Raid Worlds for 9.3.0)
Scholomance Monastary Released

This is a massive new area for Awakened Players to explore, be challenged, and conquer. This area has many different Quests, Hunting Zones, Gathering Zones, Tradable NPC's and Missions.

Livestock to Farming
We will also be adding in interactive livestock to our farming system, you will be able to have Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Sheep and 2 other animals. Animals will grow from a small baby form (our custom sprites) to full forms where they can be slaughtered, or repeatably gathered for materials. We will also be adding other unique things to each of our other crafting and gathering systems!

PvP-E System Released
Gain the experience that a player loses
Receive PvP Honor for killing a player, based on if theyre stronger than you or not, Received honor drops the same rate as the experience.
New incentives and uses for PvP Honor including: Exclusive Outfits, Exclusive Equipment/Weapons, Exclusive Titles.
PvP Honor Highscores will have a real meaningful bragging purpose now.
PvP Rating will be added soon after (Each player having their own PvP Rating score)

Only 1000+ are PvP-E
1st kill on a character is 100% exp, 2nd 80%, 3rd 60%, 4th 40%, 5th 20%, 6th 0%
Gold bless disabled for pvp
No Experience for killing party members
No Experience on same IP
No Experience from guild member
No Experience for a character on the same account or recently logged account

Frag Remover removed from shop, Frag removed disabled ingame.
Now you no longer will lose items when you have a red or black skull, Instead you will lose/give 3x/5x more exp when you die to another player.
10 frags to rs, 15 for bs
RS/BS lasts 3 days
Time to lose frag lowered to 3 hrs
BS cant attack others unless attacked
No 50% damage buff against people with black skulls.

Patch 9.2.2 Notes - Released Today
Added Quest Box to Crazy Scientist Quest
Fixed Existing Throne Issues with Pits of Archlight Quest
Now you receive mining, farming and skinning skill experience based on the difficulty of the ore, plant or skin. More difficult ores, plants or skins will yield more experience.

Scholomance Monastary

25 September 2017 (22:47) by Gamemaster Knighter

Scholomance Monastary
A Massive New Area To Explore

New Dawn PvP Video

25 September 2017 (22:24) by Gamemaster Knighter

Tutor Applications Open!

25 September 2017 (00:29) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey Archlighters! Want a chance to help the community? Have a special orange font ingame? Tutor Tag on Discord? Now's your chance to apply! We have removed a couple old tutors, and have promoted 2 others to CM positions, and thus are opening up to 4 new tutor spots!

To apply, copy the following and answer it out and then send your application to

Name Ingame:
Languages Spoken:
Since when have you played Archlight:
Why do you think you would be a good tutor:
What do you think being a tutor involves:
Do you actively use our Discord Group:

We generally get a lot of applications so make sure yours is concise and clear.
Best of luck!

Patch 9.1.1 + Client Build 1.2

24 September 2017 (04:13) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.1.1 and Client Build 1.2.1

Server Fixes

Fixed mining ores not properly spawning
Fixed greater dungeon chests being unusable
Fixed Pits of Archlight doors
You can now remove un-fully-grown plants using a scythe
Fixed dozens and dozens of small mapping issues
Fixed Heroes quest throne absorptions
Fixed the rewards earned from quest boxes

Client Fixes
Spell Appearance fixed
Dungeon Window fixes
Hotkey Fix ('Use on yourself' button, I believe this got included now)
Two Spell Options
Percentage bar added to Professions Window

Patch 9.1.0 Spoiler #2

23 September 2017 (02:51) by Gamemaster Knighter

Our biggest patch to date is dropping tomorrow! Tiered Greater Dungeon Boxes, 2 Massive New Endgame Quests, Our Unique New Crafting System Added, Boss Dusts, Quest Boxes and so, so much more.

Patch 9.1.0

20 September 2017 (09:27) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.1.0
Coming Saturday September 23rd - 12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST / 21:00 CEST

Crafting System
"We want crafting to feel like a true profession, this is your characters talent and his means of life. Not simply, okay I need to grind up this shitty system just to craft 1 thing I can use at the very end. We want crafting to become a dynamic part of the economy, and not just something you need a player for in the extreme late game and one time."

We now feel we have hit that goal, and will be releasing the completely revampped Fishing, Mining, Farming, Skinning, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Tanning, Jewelcrafting and Cooking Professions.

A description on how each profession works, and their benefits to you, your guild, or the trading market will be released before Saturday.

10 New Sets Released, 9 obtained via crafting, 1 obtained from quest chain.

New Endgame Team Quests

One thing we really wanted to push for this era is more endgame quests, but not just simple run, kill, grab reward and done. We wanted to add in more unique "story" driven quests, that have a real unique feel to their environment, and the challenges and trials they present. These two quests hit all of those goals right on the fucking head. We are extremely excited on these two new quests we are releasing, one being more based on multiple different boss fights, and one being more based on puzzle solving, but both giving exceptionally valuable rewards.

Halls of Darksteel Quest Released
Rewards: Darksteel Set and Weapons

Pits of Archlight Quest Released
Rewards: Unlimited Runes (Avalanche, Great Fireball, Destroy Field, Firebomb and Magic Wall)

72 Hour Quest Boxes

Now every "story" quest on Archlight will have a repeatable 72-hour cooldown quest box. These quest boxes will drop the most rare things on Archlight, and garanteed. There are 6 tiers of story quest boxes, the lowest tier being in the simplest/easiest story quests, 6 being in the hardest/most dificult. All tiers can contain any of, but not limited to, the following rares - Stat Stones (primarily only in the low tier boxes), Large Stat Stones, Legendary Soils, Rune Soils, Soul Soils, Bone + Cloud Keys, Shining Oils and Repolishing Oils. Each box will also garantee gold and archlight tokens with one of the above rewards. What this means is you will be rewarded with a very valuable chest box for completing story quests you have already completed. This will also allow newer players to join in on quests with experienced vets.

Greater Dungeons will give you a different tier of chest based on the power rating you complete that dungeon at, increasing your chance at rarer rewards based on the difficulty of the Greater Dungeon completed. For every 200 team average power you will receive 1 higher tier of box.

Boss Dusts

Event, Raid* and most story quest bosses will now all drop their own Boss Dust. These Boss Dusts can be used for many different crafting recipes and will cause a great benefit to kill certain bosses for epic craftings.
Raids will be becoming their own events like Abaldar and Dracona.

Fixed up flashing animation on new outfits while mounted.

Fixed up lifeleech enchantment making it now usable.

New Dungeon Window Implemented

Coming Soon After..

Retro Tibia Outfits!!

Cause...... why not.

Archlight In-Game Shop!!

New PvP + PvP-E System
Many have requested a pvp system that truely rewards and punishes players. So we took to the drawing boards and started planning a system that would reward pvp, punish losers, but also not be abusive. We will be posting the full details of this system in a patch teaser as well.
We are hoping to drop this in the next sizable patch after 9.1.0

Welcome <3

19 September 2017 (06:34) by Gamemaster Knighter

The Archlight Team would just like to welcome all the new people who have joined the Archlight Family this Era! Our Discord concurrent userbase (connected at one time) has grown from 60-100 to 100-175 (range is from low-high time). Additionally, we have had over 3000 New Accounts Created this Era and have the highest player retention rate we have EVER had by an exponential amount! We are extremely excited about the massive new pool of players that are joining and daily logging in to continue their adventures on Archlight Online. We have an insane amount of cool stuff coming at you guys in the next couple days here, but we just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for coming along for the ride, and of course ultimately, welcome you to the Archlight Family <3

~Archlight Team