Patch 11.0.4

27 February 2018 (04:14) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 11.0.4 (Date TBA)

Boss Changes

One problem with intergrating custom bosses with a what we consider weak tibia combat system and more than 1 (knight) melee vocation is creature re-targetting, and the nature of AOE's in a 2d game. We have been working hard to make neccesary steps and balances to help melee vocations still participate in very dificult boss fights, without the bosses being so weak that tanks just breeze through tanking them, but also not increasing the DPS/Sustain melee vocations health to the point where they are exceptionally broken in PvP. 
In Patch 11.0.4 we will be nerfing the small AOE damage of all bosses by up to 75%. Additionally, retargetting (without a boss enraging) will be completely removed from any largescale bosses. Bosses will receive a boost to their other damages to keep a healthy balance to how they once were (especially for the main tank). We believe this will allow melee vocations to truly thrive in close combat in even the most dificult boss fights - assuming your tank does his job ;)

Elixirs no longer share cooldown with Rune Emblems
Exhaustion on Elixirs increased from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.
Rifts have been added to the Event Timer, and will now hold their time even if the server reboots.
PvP Level is now 1000 (Changed from 80). This is to somewhat prevent people from suiciding low levels to frag someone.

Experienced Gained from Hunting Monsters for For awakening 100+ has been increased by 15-22.5%
Rusty Chests have been replaced with Royal Feathers in hardcore dungeon boxes.
Necromancers awakened heal will now properly add a healing regen rather than mana regen.
Seven Trials now requires a Gold Pickaxe to destroy the crystals to summon Lodestone.
Supreme Health Elixir has been removed from game, Ultimate Health elixir has been buffed to have the same stats as Supreme Health Elixirs.
Ultimate Health Elixirs have replaced Supreme Health Elixirs in the ArchShop.
Archlight Crates no longer give a player a BP to hold the items (causing players to have to sort through dozens of backpacks), Items opened in Crates now go directly to a players inbox and will auto sort.
Mastercraft Tools, Mastercraft Blueprints and Dream Matter can now all be turned in at the awakening exp NPC for awakening exp.
Auto Reply has been added ingame as well. To use - /autoreply on/off/phrase, (your phrase here)

Beds Fix
So something we overlooked when we developed the new Bed Kits for Tanning was the energy regen of each bed. When making the new upgradable bed kits, we only actually increased the amount of energy they can Hold, not the rate at which they gain that energy back. So far, this would affect very few, with only the low tiers of beds. However due to this oversight, we also never actually nerfed the default beds, only the amount of energy they hold as well, not the regen rate. 
The regen rate has now been properly modified on all beds (please note, the amount they gain doesn't change, but the frequency in which they gain that energy is changed - stronger beds regen energy more frequently, AND can also hold more energy).
Here is a breakdown of the regen from each bed and the amount of energy they can hold.
We will also be adding a way to remove your bed kit, so that it doesn't completely go to waste when you upgrade your bed, allowing you to sell it, or potentially enhance it in the future!
Normal Bed - 120 Energy  5 Energy/Hour
Green Bed - 180 Energy / 7 Energy/Hour
Yellow Bed - 240 Energy / 10 Energy/Hour
Red Bed - 300 Energy / 15 Energy/Hour
Royal Bed - 360 Energy / 20 Energy/Hour
??? - 480 Energy / 30 Energy/Hour

We will also be working on more beds to be added to tanning in our next professions expansion! :)

Class Balances

Archer Attack Spells have all been nerfed by 5%
Archer Auto Attack Damage has been buffed by 30%
Archer Soul Rune Attack Speed Bonus increased from 30% > 40% (This also means it will scale harder/higher as well)
Threat Reduction from the following spells has been modified
Shield Bash - 5 > 4
Command Attention - 25 > 15
Challenge - 10 > 7
Ultimate Challenge - 15 > 10
Healing of all classes (mana and health healing spells) have been nerfed by 20%. (Bards and Druid heals on friendly targets were not lowered)

The Following Max Health Per Level changes have been made
Necromancer 45 > 55
Archer 45 > 55
Rogue 60 > 65
Monk 60 > 65
Berserker 75 > 85

 Profession Changes
Profession "Perks" have been renamed and slightly repriced. 

"basic" perks are now called Apprentice
"intermediate" perks are now called Skilled
A new tier has been added called Artisan, this has replaced Masterclass, and Masterclass now requires 95 Skill to unlock. This additional tier has added an additional tier to the buffs (masterclass is now a higher buff than before). The cost for the skilled tier has gone from 250k > 500k (remember this is a permanent unlocking), expert has gone from 750k > 1kk, and artisan has gone from 1kk to 3kk, additionally masterclass being added for 5kk (as the final tier).
This ultimately unlocks the potential for +30% healing from Rune Emblems + Elixirs for Alchemy, +15% Weapon Damage for Blacksmithing, +30% Speed for Tanning, +30% Food Buffs for Cooking and 25% Boost to Gems from Jewelcrafting.
Alchemy - 100 of the same elixir can now be used to combine into 10 of the next larger elixir. This craft will provide the user with Skill Experience for doing so. This was added to make Alchemy less of a waste at lower levels (making elixirs you wont need/use at all). Alchemy is currently one of the more/most expensive and dificult professions to level up, we feel this is fine though based on how powerful the perk benefit from it is.
Required Skill to create Ultimate Health, Mana and Spirit Elixirs has been increased from 70 > 80. This change was made due to the nature of this being essentially one of the endgames to Alchemy, it was introduced that early when elixirs had small value.
The Experience earned from crafting all Elixirs has been increased by 22.5%
The Experience earned from crafting all Vials has been increased by 20%
Experience Gained from Crafting Red and Royal Bed Kits increased by 20%
Experience Gained from Crafting Mythril and Dragon Ingots increased by 15-20%
Experience Gained from Crafting Charged Gems increased by 12.5%

Farming Changes - 
Watering plants no longer requires energy, and no longer gives farming experience. Harvesting plants is now the only needed use of energy for farming, the amount per plant has been lowered from 20 energy to 10, the skill experience gained and crop yield will remain the same! This means you get the same amount of crops, and experience, for 1/4 the energy (from 40 total to 10).
Farming definitely felt inefficient to us and the players, this change will massively aid farming to be a very viable profession, additionally, the 75% lowering of energy will also make cooking 75% more efficient than before (and you also wont lose energy when the server goes down for a patch having to re-water plants..) =)

Profession Level Scaling Modified
We have made some changes to high end crafting, essentially the formula we use for our profession levels (and required exp to advance to the next level) we feel gets extremely "steep". In where the required experience for a further advancement starts growing exponentially too fast. We have now lowered the scaling of the formula to be a lot more mainline and less steep. This will make higher profession skills still difficult, but very much obtainable by anyone with time. In the near future we will also be adding even further more depth to the profession system (primarily the endgame of it) as a whole. Please note, this will hardly affect professions from skill 1-65~70, and primarily only affect 65~70+. 
Here is an example graph of our old formula, and our new one.

As we mentioned before the Rise Of The Otherworlds begun, every month we would release 1 large content patch, with minor patches between then primarily focusing on balance and fixes. Patch 11.1.0 will arrive after this patch, and will contain a massive amount of new open world content for players to explore after having completed the Otherworlds Storyline and content. By fully defeating the Otherworlds a new world will be available for those players to explore, freely, with little to no teleporters, and challenge over 50 new missions, tasks, mini dungeons and full fledged quests. Additionally, your legendary spell will be unlocked ;)

Full teaser for Patch 11.1.0 will come soon after this patch goes live.

Deadstone Access

26 February 2018 (22:01) by Gamemaster Knighter

As each day goes by the monsters of The Otherworlds slowly take over the outskirts of Deadstone Stronghold. Lord Crimson knows their stronghold cannot continue to hold off The Otherworlds. Sooner or later the Stronghold will be overthrown and thus giving The Otherworlds access to all of Archlight. Take up arms from within the Stronghold, and push the Otherworlds Creatures back to the hell they come from.

The Ancient Mage has opened a giants mouth portal to access Deadstone Stronghold. You can access it north of town once you have defeated Jorus. 

The Last Line of Defense against the Otherworlds is the Deadstone Stronghold. This stronghold is the last barrier between Archlight and the invading Otherworlds Creatures. Fight Back and defend Archlight from further chaos.

House Contest #2 Winners!

26 February 2018 (00:06) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the 2 house contest winners!
Be sure to decorate your house for our next house contest this Saturday! 1st Place Winners from a house contest cannot win in the following week.

1st Place - Roff Raff - 1000 Coins + House Decoration Contest Sword

2nd Place - Puff - House Decoration Contest Sword

Regen Gem Balances

25 February 2018 (22:25) by Gamemaster Knighter

Regen Gem - Balances

Regen Gems will now scale off your MAX health and mana, instead of your Base health and mana.
Regen Gems have been overall nerfed by 65% (This is partially to account for it now scaling off your MAX health and mana, but also because we felt they needed a decent sized nerf to be more balanced).

If your gem values are displaying weird, simply relog to fix the displayed values.

We may further balance gems in the next 1-2 days based off what we feel.

War Breakout!

25 February 2018 (22:04) by Gamemaster Knighter

War Breakout Between Suicide Squad & Conspiracy + Alt Guilds

House Contest #1

20 February 2018 (20:16) by Gamemaster Knighter

For the month of February and March we will be selecting 1 house each week to win 1000 free Archlight Coins, and also a House Contest Winner Blade in Stone (Can be used as Deco to show you have won the house decoration contest)!

Additionally a Runner-Up will also be chosen each week who will earn the House Contest Winner Blade in Stone.

You do not need to submit your houses for this contest! Finkelz + Council will go around town at the end of each week and judge the 2 nicest houses in their opinion. Please note, it's not about what's inside or the items worth, but the decoration of the house itself! Clever themes and ideas are always taken highly into account!
Winners will usually be chosen every Saturday late night and posted on our website by Sunday.

Get to decorating and goodluck!

Legendary Keys Promo!

20 February 2018 (00:29) by Gamemaster Knighter

Legendary Keys Promo!

Many of you have been asking me constantly what the next promotion will be with valentines over, so here it is!
Any donation of 159.99 Euros will receive 10 free Legendary Archlight Keys!

Any donation of 79.99 Euros will receive 5 free Legendary Archlight Keys!

Legendary Crates drop a higher amount of gold, a guaranteed chance at an upgrading soil, and then a random chance between charged gems, enchantment scrolls and large stat stones. They're essentially very valuable Archlight Keys

Valentine's House Contest Winn

19 February 2018 (02:58) by Gamemaster Knighter

Valentine's House Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following 3 winners!
Our next house contest will be announced in the next 2-3 days :)

1st Place - Xander Babcock
150 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword

2nd Place - Dandelion
100 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword

3rd Place - Cilie Mooney
50 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword

Please Contact Gamemaster Knighter on Discord for your rewards :)