Guild: Ticket To Temple

Rank: Name: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderMemes Mom [Awakening Level: 309]Sinister Rogue (Shadow) Online
a Vice-LeaderDtoo [Awakening Level: 322]Savage Berserker (Rage) Online
a Vice-LeaderMegaman [Awakening Level: 357]Elder Druid (Shaman) Online
a MemberAbelone [Awakening Level: 276]Elder Druid (Shaman) Online
a MemberAcid [Awakening Level: 342]Elder Druid (Shaman) Online
a MemberArchlord [Awakening Level: 261]Noble Guardian (Protector) Online
a MemberBebzon [Awakening Level: 336]Songwriting Bard (Spellsinger) Online
a MemberCredd [Awakening Level: 318]Exalted Archer (Flurry) Online
a MemberDakashii [Awakening Level: 257]Savage Berserker (Rage) Offline
a MemberGrazel [Awakening Level: 336]Songwriting Bard (Cleric) Online
a MemberJiren [Awakening Level: 292]Savage Berserker (Rage) Online
a MemberKling [Awakening Level: 225]Elder Druid (Shaman) Online
a MemberKnicsor [Awakening Level: 266]Sinister Rogue (Shadow) Offline
a MemberLotarix [Awakening Level: 313]Savage Berserker (Rage) Online
a MemberMazanga [Awakening Level: 258]Elder Druid (Shaman) Offline
a MemberMemes Dad [Awakening Level: 253]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist) Online
a MemberMemes Husband [Awakening Level: 215]Sinister Rogue (Shadow) Online
a MemberMidu [Awakening Level: 152]Exalted Archer (Flurry) Offline
a MemberNier [Awakening Level: 280]Sinister Rogue (Shadow) Offline
a MemberPang Boom [Awakening Level: 313]Savage Berserker (Rage) Online
a MemberPistaszek [Awakening Level: 331]Savage Berserker (Rage) Online
a MemberPlaya [Awakening Level: 315]Songwriting Bard (Cleric) Online
a MemberRafalitomg [Awakening Level: 331]Elder Druid (Shaman) Online
a MemberSexy [Awakening Level: 268]Elder Druid (Shaman) Online
a MemberStylez [Awakening Level: 176]Exalted Archer (Flurry) Online
a MemberSzczelec [Awakening Level: 292]Exalted Archer (Flurry) Online
a MemberSzokobons [Awakening Level: 252]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist) Online
a MemberVihavalmentaja [Awakening Level: 260]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist) Online
a MemberZhurk [Awakening Level: 226]Savage Berserker (Rage) Online
a MemberZiore [Awakening Level: 279]Exalted Archer (Flurry) Online