Guild: Misfits

We still rule!

Rank: Name: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderCatyfoodi [Level: 20]RogueOffline (18 hours)
a Vice-LeaderAeria Gloris [A. Level: 819] (swensk)Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Online
a Vice-LeaderArkangelz [A. Level: 631]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (4 days)
a Vice-LeaderIttzie [A. Level: 729] (AR DU BARD)Demonic Necromancer (Demonic)Online
a Vice-LeaderMarkstah [A. Level: 252]Demonic Necromancer (Demonic)Offline (9 days)
a Vice-LeaderSneakysanta [A. Level: 922] (Snus)Noble Guardian (Holy)Online
a MemberBarack Obama [A. Level: 368]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Offline (5 days)
a MemberBubben [A. Level: 562]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (1 day)
a MemberCatfood [A. Level: 1044]Elder Druid (Shaman)Online
a MemberCrecia [A. Level: 360]Demonic Necromancer (Demonic)Offline (1 day)
a MemberDobby Mig [A. Level: 813]Noble Guardian (Holy)Offline (13 days)
a MemberDumbledore [A. Level: 534]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (6 days)
a MemberEzraeel [A. Level: 287]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (8 days)
a MemberFherz [A. Level: 426]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Online
a MemberFonts [A. Level: 716] (Cant Be Fooled)Sinister Rogue (Shadow)Online
a MemberHasseskompis [A. Level: 648]Noble Guardian (Holy)Offline (5 days)
a MemberJorge [A. Level: 659]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Online
a MemberKilla [A. Level: 502]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (6 days)
a MemberKortego [A. Level: 185]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Online
a MemberLayzall [A. Level: 405]Elder Druid (Shaman)Online
a MemberMilli [A. Level: 352]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (1 day)
a MemberMindzie [A. Level: 498]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Online
a MemberMisiaczek [A. Level: 775]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (3 days)
a MemberNuttchi [A. Level: 231] (heej)Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (6 days)
a MemberQuddie [A. Level: 779]Elder Druid (Shaman)Online
a MemberRektby Dubstep [A. Level: 441]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Online
a MemberSais [A. Level: 588]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (5 hours)
a MemberSimon [A. Level: 658]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (10 days)
a MemberSpookie [A. Level: 650]Sinister Rogue (Shadow)Offline (6 days)
a MemberWoots [A. Level: 802]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Online
a MemberXxxx [A. Level: 537]Savage Berserker (Rage)Online
a Chief MemberTee Shady [A. Level: 616]Sinister Rogue (Shadow)Offline (1 day)
a Chief MemberXenopsu [A. Level: 476] (Latinos)Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (6 days)